Michael Howitt

This bittersweet and nostalgic song by the late Steve Goodman has been described as a masterwork of life in rural America from the vantage point of a train car. It describes a train ride from his hometown Chicago to New Orleans on the Illinois Central’s “City of New Orleans”. Goodman recorded the song on his debut album in 1971 but it didn’t become a hit until Arlo Guthrie covered it in 1972. Willie Nelson later covered, earning Goodman a posthumous Grammy for Best Country Song in 1985 (he passed away from leukaemia only months earlier). A cover of “The City of New Orleans”.

Joe Caruso

A song for my son and daughter-in-law’s precious pup Maurice. The song pretty accurately describes Maurice.

Kailey Jane Hawkins

“Open Arms” (Journey Cover) I’ve been saving this one for today! I could think of no better song to celebrate my being free of my cast/splint than this haha! So I got the green light on Thursday last week that the break in my wrist is healing well and I don’t have to wear my splint anymore. I’m THRILLED to once again enjoy “open arms” hahaha. I’ve lost some flexibility in my wrist of course and bar (barre?) chords are (as ever) a challenge, but I’m working with physio and I know things will come back quickly. Hope you enjoy, and happy Monday! #acousticcovers #JourneyCover #OpenArms #nomorebrokenwing

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