Raymond CoteKosza

About the documentary Satan’s children, my new song Serotonin.

Michael Howitt

I did this song a while back, but wanted to do a fingerstyle version. Our Zio (uncle) passed away earlier this week as did Kevin Urquhart, a member of a neighbouring musical community, so this song, written by Warren Zevon after learning of his diagnosis of a form of terminal lung cancer back in 2003, came to mind. A cover of “Keep Me In Your Heart”.

Michael Howitt

Another cut from Gordon Lightfoot’s 1980 “Dream Street Rose” album. A cover of “Sea of Tranquility”.

Aaron John

This is the lyric video for my debut single “Fresh”. I started writing this song after returning to Canada from 3 years of teaching English abroad in South Korea. The song took on new meanings when I finished writing it during the Pandemic. Spring of 2022 was the perfect time to release this upbeat optimistic anthem with the message that every day is an opportunity to start fresh. You can stream it now on all major streaming platforms. To keep up with more of my music, follow me on socials @aaronjohnjams and follow my email list on my website http://aaronjohn.ca

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