Bryan Charendoff

In this song Chris Isaak is the narrator simply reflecting on a lost love. Putting this statement differently, the singer is addressing a romantic interest, and basically he is lamenting the dissolution of their relationship. He states “this one I wrote really late at night and it was written in a short time because I remember that a girl had called me and said ‘I want to come over and talk to you’, and ‘talk’ was a euphemism. And she said ‘I want to come over and talk to you until you’re no long able to stand up!’” Now some would say that’s not such a bad thing! Isaak described it as being attracted to someone who brings you nothing good. Here is “Wicked Game”.

Joe Caruso

A short and sweet song. My Dubliner friend tells me this is the unofficial anthem of Dublin. There is no evidence that there ever was a real Molly Malone as per the song. A statue representing Molly Malone was unveiled on Grafton Street by then Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ben Briscoe, during the 1988 Dublin Millennium celebrations. This video contains a photo of that statue. I do not own copyright to this song and I do not make any copyright claims on this song. #yropenmic #yorkregionopenmic #joecarusomusic #cocklesandmussels #mollymalone

Raymond CoteKosza

Wrote this yesterday inspired by Nirvana Ain’t a Boy – NCG

Kailey Jane Hawkins

“I Will” (Beatles Cover) — it’s been a little while since I posted anything. I recorded this one for my sister for her birthday last week, it’s her favourite song. Hoping you’re all keeping well!


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