Kailey Jane Hawkins

“Have A Little Faith In Me” (John Hiatt Cover) I recorded this one the other night when I was feeling a bit bummed out and looking for a way to cheer myself up. Music always helps! If you look up the information about this song it’s kind of interesting and sad…but it’s also hopeful and encouraging at the same time. I’ll leave you to Google that one if you wish to. I loved this song the first time I heard it years and years ago, and and a few weeks ago decided I’d try to give it a go and see how hard it would be to learn to play. There is a key change and a bar (barre?) chord in it, and a bit of a tempo change too which is great to help me test my limits and work to improve. Jewel did a great cover of this song if you want to hear yet another version. The camera is angled too high so you can’t see the frets, sorry! I didn’t use a capo and the chords are G, Em, C, and D. Once you do the key change then it’s D, A, Bm and G if you want to try it! Have a great Monday, friends! Thanks for sharing your music! #acousticcovers #HaveALittleFaithInMe #JohnHiattCover

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