Michael Howitt

Murray McLauchlan says the following about his 1975 about his hometown of Toronto. “I wrote that as a sort of travelogue to make people feel good about Toronto. A lot of my friends were complaining that there was nothing happening in the city. I believe you can always find something to do if you look for it. So I decided to write a strutting-around-Toronto song to say it’s up to you: you can either enjoy yourself or dump on everything”. It mentions such Toronto landmarks as Kensington Market (where he lived for a time), The Silver Dollar Room and The Palm Grove Lounge (live music venues of the day) and the skating rink at Toronto’s City Hall where the sculpture “The Archer” by British sculptor Henry Moore is located. It also references McLauchlan’s first Top 10 hit in Canada, “The Farmer’s Song”. A cover of “Down By the Henry Moore”.

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