Kailey Jane Hawkins

I recorded this one on Monday night. There has been a lot of heavy news of late. I thought it might be nice to infuse a bit of Happy into the day! Two weeks ago today I had my little slip and fall and earned this “arm bling”. While I am feeling much much better, I still have my broken wing and I can’t/probably shouldn’t play it for any extended period of time but I’ve discovered that the neck of my ukulele is small enough that I can get my hand around it cast and all and that there are four chords that I can comfortably play without moving my fingers very much. I’ve made a small playlist of songs that I can actually get through on the uke just playing those four chords, and happily this was one of them! I’ve wanted to do something like this, a spliced together “call and answer” song, for a little while now but never got around to it. I figured it was a good time to give it a go and have a little fun. I hope this silly little track brings you a smile, friends. I hope you’re keeping well. As my Gumpo Phillips used to say, “better days ahead”. Take easy, make nice. Kailey

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