Janet Jephcott

A little song I wrote for all coyotes! I had rescued a 6 month old pup who had been hit on the highway by someone unknown. His hip broke in 6 places. We raised money for him and he had about 6 months in wildlife rehab places and healed well and was released to run wild again to be an important part of the ecology of Ontario. When this pup was being first treated, when he was being prodded and checked out and given pain killer and so on he at one point turned his head all the way around and looked me right in the eyes; I am not quite that psychic yet but I felt he wanted my support-I had taken him home and cared for him for a day before I got him toe the rescue. I had respected him and spoken to him. I named him Prince because he was so noble and calm and never ever but me though he must have been in terrible fear and pain. I learned later from the rehab folk that coyotes are quite timid and make good patients! I also learned from Coyote Canada that they are blamed by the farmers for things they don’t do. I learned to respect and admire them. And that walking our dogs requires US to respect their needs!

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