Kailey Jane Hawkins

“Like I’m Gonna Lose You'” (Meghan Trainor Cover) I played this one in my virtual song circle last night and thought it went well enough that I’d give it a quick record to share. I’ve been working on learning it since it was posted in January for my online “Song A Day Challenge” group…but they posted it on January 16th lol. It’s taken me this long to figure out the rhythm and the tone, and find out where I “fit” with it. I had to capo it up for my voice and I changed it a little, also I *just* noticed I botched a few lyrics…but overall I’m happy with how it ended up. I love this song and always thought it was kind of a sad song…but after working with it and really reading the lyrics I don’t think that way anymore. It’s a beautiful way to approach love, and life! Thanks for listening! #acousticcovers #MeghanTrainorCover

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