John Loucks

Here’s a brand new original song called “The Iron Scow,” written about the dump barge that sits just upstream from Niagara Falls. If you’ve visited the falls you’ve probably seen it, but did you know that two men were aboard when it ran aground on August 6, 1918? This one s their story, along with that of renowned riverman Red Hill Sr. During his life Red Hill Sr. received four civilian medals for heroism, plus military medals from his service during WWI. Red is credited with saving 28 people from the river, as well as recovery of over 170 bodies. Sadly, Red passed away at just 54 from the lingering effects of being gassed during the war. His son, Red Jr., died trying to conquer the falls in a contraption made of inner tubes.

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  1. What a great story, John!

    Awesome song – please send me the lyrics and I’ll take a shot covering it, if you’re OK with that 😀

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