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Here’s “Up On Cripple Creek” by The Band. Based on the line about “this living on the road is getting pretty old,” I always thought this was written from the standpoint of a travelling musician, but songwriter Robbie Robertson said it was from the point of view of a truck driver. I always thought there were two women in the song, but perhaps not – apparently a fairly common expression by truckers in the 1960s was to refer to their dispatcher as “Big Mama,” although Roberson has neither confirmed nor denied. He actually says he doesn’t really know the meaning of many of his lyrics. No writing credit was given to other members of The Band, although a signature part of the song was one of the first recorded uses of a Hohner Clavinet by the great Garth Hudson.

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  1. Great performance John! 👏👏👏 Getting to love the uke? 😉 cool! That’s one way to fade out – walk away! 😆

    1. I think of it as riding off into the sunset. We should come up with a uke set for a live YROM. I’ve liked ukulele for a long time – it was my gateway to playing mandolin, which I play much better than I do uke now.

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