Michael Howitt

This anti-war song was the initial title track to Gordon Lightfoot’s 6th original studio album. Shortly after its release in April of 1970, another song on the album became a huge hit in Canada and the US. The record company told Lightfoot that they wanted to rename the album to “If You Could Read My Mind” to take advantage of the hit single. Lightfoot resisted, but finally relented when they laid out how many more albums he would sell under the new name. This is a cover of the initial title track, “Sit Down Young Stranger”.

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  1. Sounds just right.

    I wonder, if you have a copy of the album with the original cover does that mean it’s a collector’s item ?

  2. Always think of my dad when I hear this song. It was always one of the most requested songs when I was a younger man, which kinda surprised me – it has an appeal ypu can’t quite put your finger on 😉

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