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The beginning of this song is arguably one of the most recognized openings of any song. Many of argued about the meaning of the song – drugs, loneliness, death, etc. For me, it’s the progress of growing up – the first verse is about the loss of childhood – the reference of sand being as in an hourglass. The second verse as about leaving youthfulness behind – as we grow older we tend to lose some of our senses, and we tend to revel in our memories. In the third verse, he’s talking again about remembering his youth, but the ragged clown that’s chasing his shadow is the reality that is catching up to him. In the final verse his memories are fading like smoke rings – it follows the thoughts of a man who just wants to be lost in his memories. This song was covered by many – most famously by The Byrds. Here is “Mr. Tambourine Man”.

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  1. Great performance Bryan. And great production. 👏👏👏 Dylan was a master poet. We could have studied his words in lieu of the traditional English poets. Ok, maybe Dylan was on something. And so were many of the traditional poets (Byron, Keats, Shelley) – Laudanum (opium).

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