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I didn’t know Murray McLauchlan had written a song by the same name when I wrote “Hard Rock Town” back in the 90s. I think his song is probably about Hamilton, while mine was written for the hard rock miners of northern Ontario. All the mining jargon and mine names are real.

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  1. Great song John. I’ve got a copy of Murray McLauchlan’s book “Getting Out of Here Alive”. He says his song “Hard Rock Town” was about Sudbury.

    1. Sudbury makes sense. The towns I was writing about are the tiny ones that grow up around mines. A lot of them disappear when the mine closes. The mine in Manitouwadge closed and the population dropped from 3,000 to less than a 1,000 – you can buy a detached house there for $50k, but you better bring the money with you.

  2. My Dad started working as a miner when he was young.
    He ended up going to the Haileybury School of Mines and learned to be a manager.
    That song resonates with me


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