Lamont Cranston

Yesterday I had a fun musical day. After work I went to Steffi’s open stage at Turtle Jack’s. Then when I was driving home I passed a street party that was just in the process of setting up only a short walk from my house. I stopped my car and yelled out the window. “Should I come back with my guitar ?” The gathering crowd responded “YES”. So, I parked my car in front of my house , grabbed Nancy and my guitar from the trunk and walked back. I played four songs and then had a great time listening to the real band. Nancy recorded a short clip at the street party so I added it at the end of the video

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  1. Todd Rundgren may want to bang on the drum all day, but Terry just wants to bang on the guitar all day! 🎶

  2. Entertaining as always. 😊 Those out of the blue experiences are priceless. Sounds great! 👏👏👏

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