Michael Howitt

Now I know how Steffi feels! We’ve been cat sitting for our daughter and son-in-law while at the hospital giving birth to little RJ. Not sure if Flint (the cat) enjoyed my singing and playing or not, but he was meowing along.
I managed to get this take without cat accompaniment. Maybe I should have taken one with his background vocals. This is a cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s
“Christian Island”.

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    1. I met some residents of Christian Island recently. Not sure if Gord loved sailing or not but they did remember his boat “Silver Heels” and they said he played and sang for them a couple of times.

  1. Wow. That was just perfect. Sounds like the late night campfire version.
    That song would record well with forest sounds, birds and dogs and such.
    Not so much with cats. So, good artistic choice there too !

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