John Mastromartino

God bless the USA (cover) This is my way of thanking the USA for welcoming my father and I in New York in 1968 got off the ship (the Raffaello ) did not speak one word of English got lost in New York ran across this nice lady who happened to speak Italian and English she called a taxi told the taxi driver to bring us at the Pensilvania train station while we were waiting for the train to bring us to Buffalo we heard some people outside the station screaming and shouting we later learned that it was most likely one of Martin Luther King demonstrations we finely arrived in Bufalo took a bus to Toronto were My relatives here in Canada came to pick me up also I forgot to mention the first thing that We have seen in America was the Beautifull Statue of Liberty
Thank you USA
Thank you Canada

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    1. Thank you Michael I just thought it would be appropriate I find old stories interesting especially if they are true

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