Cary Stein

This is my first tune here at the York Region Open Mic. Actually it’s my first tune anywhere lol. Stage freight has been a long time companion, and I’m hoping to face my fear at a live event soon. This recording will also act as a reference point as I begin vocal training.
Let’s see how I sound in a year!

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  1. Fantastic! Now for sure we need to see you live! We have all been nervous on stage and totally get it. 😀 That’s why you gotta just do it!

  2. Great job Carey! I can totally relate to what you are going through. When I was a lot younger I played on stage for the first time at The Free Times Cafe. I was so nervous my hands were shaking and I could barely play. I was lucky that it was a place where singer/songwriters and performers would go to share and appreciate other people’s music. I find York Region Open Mic is exactly the same. A very welcoming and friendly group. I took a class on stagefright through Art Nefsky’s Showoffs back then. I still feel the nerves at times but I actually find it helps me a bit now. Keep following your dream!!! I love Jim Croce by the way.

  3. We’ve all been there Cary. And that was a great performance! I took vocal training a few years ago at age 61, it was a great help and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too! Looking forward to hearing more from you. 😊👏👏👏

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