Lamont Cranston

Two cover Songs about Love and Looks. If You Want To Be Happy – Jimmy Soul – 1963 She Ain’t Pretty – Bryan Potvin – 1990 ———————————————————— “If You Want To Be Happy” is a strange little song that seems to buck the general trend of focusing only on looks. It’s a look at body positivity as viewed from 1963 —————————————————————
“She Ain’t Pretty” is another song that turns the idea that beauty is all important on it’s head. My adult kids gave me a Bb harmonica for Father’s Day, so I used it for this song.

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  1. Nice to have you back Terry! Good combination of songs there! Iā€™m glad you sang that first one with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek vocal! Always liked that Northern Pikes song. Tried to learn it on the electric guitar a while back but failed miserably.

  2. Well done – I always liked the Northern Pikes. Saw them at one of the CFNY picnics at Molson Park in Barrie.

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