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Two John Prine Covers The Accident – John Prine – 1973 Often Is A Word I Seldom Use – John Prine – 1973 ——————————————————— Here are the last two songs from Sweet Revenge that I hadn’t recorded yet. Now I can make a video of the whole album for fun. ——————————————————————- “The Accident” is a bit of a novelty song. Very cute. There is one line in this song that has a very 70’s vibe that doesn’t translate very well in the 2020’s. I replaced that line to make the song a little more kid friendly. ————————————————————- “Often is a Word” wasn’t in my big book of cheat sheets and all the online sources weren’t very useful so I sort of guessed at how to play it. It seems like a reasonable guess.

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  1. John Prine – a creative fellow, a song from an accident. Nice work on that long vocal in “Often is a Word” – well done! Looking forward to the compendium of all videos. 👏👏👏

    1. I’ve posted the entire video to my Facebook page but it’s too long for my YouTube channel.
      Since I never planned it out in the beginning the video is also a yearbook of styles over the lockdown.
      Some of them are pre-green screen, some were done while I was learning the craft and still had issues.
      Some were done very recently have a more finished feel. It’s a fun look back over the year and a bit of a
      “Found Art Project” that was fun.
      I hope you enjoy it !

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