Lamont Cranston

Two Beatles Covers – In My Life – Lennon-McCartney – 1965 – Dear Prudence – Lennon-McCartney – 1968 —————————————————————- Two of their most romantic songs. I filmed ‘In My Life’ in the backyard but noise from cars, airplanes and neighbours swamped Dear Prudence so I took it inside to record that one the next day. —————————————————————- I met Nancy in Riverdale Park in 1984. It was a sweltering hot long weekend in July and I wanted to get out of the apartment. So I took my guitar out to the park to practice. I set my towel out near where she was sun baking.
I asked her if she had a request and she asked for ‘Dear Prudence’. The rest is history.

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  1. Your so relaxed when you perform! And Beatles are always good! Nice performance! 😉 😉 😉

  2. Great performances Terry! You’re lucky Nancy didn’t request “Hit the Road Jack” back then! 😂

  3. Love both of those! Love the back story – that shows you, guitar players always get the girl!!! Wonderfully done Terry!!!

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