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Two Covers songs from the Sweet Revenge album. A Good Time – John Prine – 1973 – Nine Pound Hammer – Merle Travis – 1951 —————————————- Woke up this morning with “A Good Time” playing in my head. I matched it with the very next song on John Prine’s Sweet Revenge album. In his early albums John didn’t tend to do a lot of covers, Nine Pound Hammer is one of the few he did. When I look back I realize that I’ve recorded 6 of the 12 songs on that album. Never realized I liked it so much !

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  1. Loved these songs!
    Merle of course is one of the fathers of thumbpicking Fingerstyle playing
    He was also on the movie
    From here to eternity and he sang and played his guitar in that movie and Frank Sinatra who stared in the movie did using in it !!

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