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Two John Prine Covers from the album “Bruised Orange” There She Goes – John Prine – 1978 Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone – John Prine – 1978 ———————————————————– On Thursday morning I woke up with ‘There She Goes’ running in my head. The best way to exorcise an ear worm is to sing it all the way through. John’s been married a few times. This song is about the end of his 1st marriage to his high school sweetheart. ————————————————————- Once I had the sheet music for Bruised Orange but it got lost during a move. Sabu is one my favourite songs to play from that book/album. I believe that song is really about John Prine’s feelings about touring more than it is about an obscure child star. With that said, the Wikipedia article about the actor known as Sabu is really interesting.

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  1. Great songs. I can see why you love playing the 2nd song. Something really drew me in on that one.

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