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It is time once again for our worldwide famous Wednesday #virtualopenmic and if you are keeping track it is January 20th! Pick your song, record it, and post it within the next 24 hours! 🎠✌ ... See MoreSee Less


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A cover of the title song from Gordon Lightfoot’s 1982 album “Shadows”. He wrote this song on one of his canoe trips in Canada’s north: you can hear the imagery in the lyrics.

Hey guys!! My new song comes out this friday and i would love if all of could pre save and share: Thank u 💜🙏🏻

John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote this song, although it has been credited to "Billy Shears" - Ringo Starr's alter ego on the Sgt. Pepper album. Ringo sang it on the album, and has been singing it ever since! I decided to give it another feel by slowing it down a little, almost a James Taylor vibe, who did perform it at the BBC in 1970. Later on, John admitted this song was "Paul with a little help from me". The original title was "Badfinger Boogie", which later became the inspiration for the band Badfinger! Here is "With a Little Help From My Friends".

A bossa nova tune called Encontros e Despedidas by Milton Nascimento. The lyrics are about the coming and going of the train station that is life :)

My original tune 🤘🏼🕺🏻

"Exitus Grassor Progressus" (Going, Going, Gone) an original tune from "Gregory Swain" (

I’ve always loved this song so much and it makes me think of my childhood, especially my good friend Ang (we were both big fans and both became musicians) he always reminded me so much of Paul Stanley, I mean that as a sincere compliment. Kiss were always much more than a band they were spectacular super heroes of rock.

Hi again everyone! Can't wait to listen through everyone's videos! This is an original song called "End of Time". A happy/sad song I wrote about my parents and their journey. You can also find the full band version on Spotify! Hope you enjoy. 😊

This was the first the Platters' song I ever heard, got hooked on the hook! Here is my cover of "Only You".

When "they" say "its not played that way" this community says "AND?" You all embody kindness and talent and creative souls! I am proud to be part of it! Take some time to watch everyone's video and share! (I know most of you do 💓) "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence

Hello. This is my guitar and vocal cover of About Us by Neverest. A Punk-Rock band from Toronto, Ontario in 2007-2014

I just released my latest video yesterday! So Deep by Tikka & The Trove

Here’s a fun one...Composed in 1960 by Jimmy Jones, made popular by James Taylor...Handyman.

Hello from Vancouver Island ! I co-write and produce with a talented bunch of folks out here. I'd love to share this video we did for a song I co-wrote and produced with a wonderful songwriter Abby Grace. Enjoy !


Here is my 'feel good' song, COBOCONK! Come on along and sing along.

Saw these guys at G Rosslord park early 90s. Great show. Might have posted this song before but this is the latest. Changed key, more attention to dynamics etc.

Here's an original, "What is love?" It is my first venture into arpeggio on the keyboard. Hope you enjoy this.

Hi everybody! Owen here. Here's a great America (The Band) song called, "Tin Man".

Amazing talent here. I have been following this group for a while trying to get courage. Here goes...Black by Pearl Jam

Two Cover Songs about being a carefree hobo. Gentle On My Mind - John Hartford - 1967 King of the Road - Roger Miller - 1964 -------------------------------- Gentle On My Mind - John Hartford Made famous by Glenn Campbell, this song has always been important to me because it taught me how to use variations of the same chord to good effect. Good finger warm-up song for when my hand's aching. -------------------------------- King of the Road - Roger Miller - 1964 A very fun and easy song to play. Almost goofy in it's carefree style. Good busking song too. I love the cool snapping finger pops in the original recording. 16 Tons has finger snaps too. Kinda jazzy .

Yesterday was Dolly Parton’s 75th birthday. Special guest vocalist on this one!

January 17th #virtualopenmic Sunday Funday musical extravaganza! You have 24 hours to entertain us with your talent! All creatives welcome! Post 1 song or poem or dance or art or comedy or ?
(All ages so let's keep it friendly!)
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I do play other stringed instruments and am focussed on the ukulele these days, as I Zoom "jam" with my ukulele buddies. The ukulele seems to beg uplifting tunes and here is "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head".

I was given a challenge of taking a song that I didn’t like and trying to “fix it”. My apologies if anyone loves this song (it did go to #1 in Canada in 1978 and reached #3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in the US) but it was never my cup of tea. My idea of trying to fix it (for me) was to play it faster (so I’d finish it sooner) and to try to make it more snappy, less sappy. 😉 With sincerest apologies to Dan Hill, here is my “for fun” rendition of his biggest hit, “Sometimes When We Touch”.

Happy Sunday everyone. Here is a morose 90s song from Soul Asylum. Hope you enjoy.

Nicely done Lamont Rock Flute Instrumental Locomotive Breathe Jethro Tull covered by Shari Tallon

Two Cover Song - Two Monkees Songs (I'm Not your) Stepping Stone -Boyce-Hart- 1966 Valleri - Boyce-Hart - 1968 --------------------------------------- These are songs that I've been singing since I was a pre-teen. The fun thing that links them in my mind is their chord structure. With Steppin' Stone, you just slide up With Valleri, you just slide down. ( or at least I do it that way ) This video is especially funny to watch in high speed. Also, Monkees and Beatles songs are a busker's bread and butter. Enjoy !

Chinese song: We are all different. But we work so hard to build our fruitful tomorrow and support our community. We have to cherish this moment and love.

My Russian translation of "Stripped" by DepecheMode. Warning 😉 - heavy metal version.

here's my cover of Ian Tyson's Someday Soon .. miss the west some days .. particularly the region where Tyson has his ranch ✌

I’m an emerging artist and this is my very first live stream. I’m trying to bring mental health to the forefront of the public. I’ve written a song about my journey and recording a debut album. I’d appreciate any feedback please.

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do a song called, "Sip & Salsa" by Canadian award winning smooth jazz guitarist, Rob Tardik. Stay tuned for some more music from me on Wednesday!

Just a little something we've been working on, virtually of course!

Hi! Here is a million dreams! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Here’s a Drifters song written by Carole King...Up On The Roif

Im going for a cover of one of my favourites Neil Young Powderfinger, I used the electric chords to the song because well the acoustic version just looked too complicated! Hope you enjoy the masterful song writing of the legend himself, tons of meaning to his words in this one, and thanks as always for the support and kind words!!

Only Elton John could write a happy upbeat melody to the song Sad Songs Say So much!

This community has once again wowed me with it's Creative and Talented members! Trying our best to keep up our craft and our spirits may be a bit difficult, but if you just spend some time and watch all the videos from today I think you will agree we are doing something right! "The Horses" by Rickie Lee Jones

Thanks Steffi for offering us the great opportunity to show our passion for music here. Too bad we can’t get together physically to play music due to the Covid. I would like to post an “old song” that was re arranged a couple years ago, Hotel California. Next time I will post a more recent song:

A delightful cover of Mr Sandman by Donavon LeNabat and MeL Cote and other talented friends

Here's an instrumental version of "Arlo". Hope you enjoy my Arlo

I probably first heard “Boppin’ the Blues” by Robert Gordon (and Link Wray!), Stray Cats, or maybe the Kingbees during the rockabilly scare of the early 1980s, but the original was by Carl Perkins. Perkins was one of the early recording artists at Sun Records in Memphis, recording there around the same time as the earliest recordings by Elvis and Johnny Cash. I pre-recorded the percussion track into a looper using brushes and a cardboard box.

Happy Sunday, here is a group collab from some friends and I, thanks for watching!

January 13th #virtualopenmic time.
What are you feeling on this chilly Wednesday? You have 24 hours to post a song that tells us. ☮
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Here’s a Gordon Lightfoot song - Second Cup of Coffee. At one of his concerts I attended at Massey Hall a few years back, he said he hated the way he recorded this song on his Don Quixote album - too bubbly and upbeat for the lyrics. He said it should be way slower and with an aching quality to it. He even played a couple of bars onstage if how he envisioned it should have been. I never forgot it. So, I’ve recorded it as hopefully he meant it to be...

In introducing this song, Dan Fogelberg said "If I could have only written one song, it would be this one". In this song he pays homage to his father, Lawrence Fogelberg, who was himself an accomplished musician, and directed area high school bands for more than 30 years. From my own experience, my love of music came from both of my parents, but my father especially - he was also a very talented musician, playing guitar, piano, and later on, leading harmonica bands in both Toronto and South Florida. If you look over my right shoulder you can see a shadow box framing a blue shirt that my father wore when he performed with the South Florida Harmonica Group. I am very proud to be his son, and dedicate "Leader of the Band" to his memory.

With anti viral pandemic goggles and and bit of silliness in the blood I share a wee spontaneous song to goggle your mind/tickle your heart. 🥰

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do "With A Little Help From My Friends" by The Beatles. Stay tuned for another great song on Sunday!

Here's my cover of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" .. one of the early songs that got me hooked on NY .. and through some broody teen and broken heart moments 😂😂😂

Here is my cover of 'Skyline Pigeon', by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Though school is hectic, I'm reading a Elton John biography currently, and watching the film 'Rocketman'. I'll let you know my review when I'm done!

I had planned on doing two songs by Elton but I spent too long on the Virtual Stages. Oh well. Here is my attempt at LEVON.

Mike decided to Hide His Love Away behind a lyric sheet! The Beatles Rock!

The Eagles/Take it Easy

The 4th iteration of this song. Coach told me learn record review and redo until it’s perfect. Using in ear monitors really helped, almost like instantaneous feedback on pitch cadence etc.

Hey I’m Infinite X from Ottawa! Just released a cover of 5 Days In May By Blue Rodeo last night 🙂 Would appreciate being on the open mic 🤘🏾

The Byrds/Mr.Tambourine Man

Two Cover Songs about meeting your Ex in the street Crying - Roy Orbison - Joe Melson - 1962 Needles and Pins - S.Bono - J.Nitzsche - 1963 ------------------------------- Crying is a song I used to sing all the time as a busker. You can really let loose when singing a great classic like this. I might not be Roy Orbison, but I can have as much fun as he did singing this one. -------------------------------- Needles and Pins It took me a while to figure out a good song match to go with Crying. As is often the case, I had an idea while I was driving to work. Again, a super fun song to sing.

This was the “B” side to Harry Chapin’s 1974 hit single “Cat’s in the Cradle”, but I’ve always thought that it is such a great song in its own right. So many layers to the lyrics. This is a cover of “Vacancy”.

Hello from Vancouver Island !! Here's a live performance of the title track from my CD released last summer, "Today is the Day" Enjoy...

Here is my song "Liberty Street" about Liberty Bistro Bar in Toronto

“I Know You Rider” is an old song that was regularly played in concert by the Grateful Dead, usually in a medley with “China Cat Sunflower.” Janis Joplin also did it with Big Brother & the Holding Company. The Seldom Scene and other bluegrass bands played this one too. This may or may not be the first version featuring BBQ skewers.

Gregory Swain with his politically charged original "Lonely Misanthrope" Viewer discretion is advised ✌ 🤩

Our YROM VOM has brought us something positive to hang on to. We have met new and wonderful musicians from across Canada and the World! The respect and support that you all have shown proves that good people can feed a community and music heals ❤ "Carey" by Joni Mitchell

How many of us have that one old guitar that we’ve had for what seems forever? My Tak is over 40 years old and has been dropped many times, the neck cracked twice (as a result of said droppings), left in the cold in the trunk overnight (when I used to drink and forgot about it)...just used and abused. But it’s held it’s tuning, tone and super action and oh the memories and friends made with it! The family gatherings, the campfires, the gigs, the open mics...Wish I had written this song, but I’ll gladly play this John Denver tribute to “This Old Guitar.”

Have you ever seen the rain (instr cover)

Hello. This is my video cover of me singing the song There's Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes. This song has a nice guitar part in it that is catchy. I recently just changed the strings on my acoustic guitar and eager to try with it a bunch of things.

#virtualopenmic January 10th Sunday. Now you have 24 hours to post a song, so take a deep breath and pick one that we need to hear! Of course we want to hear YOU so whatever you share will be fab! ... See MoreSee Less


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"Yesterday When I Was Young" - yes I am aged but I am not old. And the song, gladly, does not apply to me - no such regrets. There is a line in the song "There are so many songs in me that won't be sung" - yes, there are many songs I many never get around to singing - but the BIG song - am I singing? Oh yes, and happily for many others, here and elsewhere.

Chilliwack - I Believe - Classic80s

This is a song I wrote for my Dad which I posted last summer. He was battling Alzheimer’s, and time was taking a toll as he was slipping away. I owe my love of music to my Dad. He got me my first guitar (and second, and third!) and religiously drove me to guitar lessons every week. I wasn’t always keen on going. I remember him saying “you’ll thank me one day”. Dad passed away last week; he’s finally at peace and reunited with my Mom. I wanted to do an updated recording of his song. This is “You’re Not There”.

When the world seems upside-down and sideways this community will keep you grounded! Listen to ALL the Music, drop a kind word, and click like 👍✌ Re-watch yourself on the website! "It's Such a Good Feeling" by Fred Rogers

Hey all! (See description) So during this lockdown I came across a songwriting contest from the States. It challenged us to write a song with the theme of connections and what that means to us. So I wrote, recorded, and produced my original 'Family History' in my bedroom. I'm in the semi finals, and I wanted to share my song with you all. I hope you like it, and if you do, you can vote for my song. Thanks so much!

Green day formed in 1987, i have two of their songs on my setlist, this and good riddance. This is a newer song I've been working on for a while.

Sunday afternoon Doobie Brother's.

I had another song in mind but decided to post one I did last year at the start of the first lock down .. seems like deja vu but with a bit more turmoil .. I heard a guy on the news conclude his piece on the DC riots with "instead of cursing the darkness light a candle " with no credit to whoever's line it is .. but here's my cover of Neil Young's version .. ✌️

Hi everyone! This is one of my new songs that is available on all music platforms! It’s a fun one to dance to!

Please stay home and help stop the spread. New Covid cases hit an all time high in Ontario. Our parents/grand parents are dying in long term care homes. Our hospitals are overwhelmed. Ontario may start implementing curfew if the new cases does not improve. Let's do our part and Stay Home as much as possible.

Here's a little humorous banter from one of my concerts... Hope it gives you a giggle.

Hi everyone! This is the first song I have posted here! It's an original called "Start Again" that I wrote about someone who used to be a friend and about wanting to help them but really just not being able to. The main message is no matter what, we all can start again. Very personal song to me. I hope you enjoy. 😊

Here’s A million dreams on piano 😊

Bob Seger/Turn the Page

Here’s I have to say I love you in a song - Jim Croce cover! What an amazing song writer whose songs are still played everyday on pop rock country stations!

Wild Horses/ The Rolling Stones

And the 2nd one is Harmony by Elton John. Thanks for listening - and the Likes , Kudos, and sweet encouragement dished out on this Fantastic Page!

Gregory Swain with a song written by a poet friend of his from waaaaaaaay back :) "Antarctica" Enjoy!

A song I wrote many years ago (That Road)

Two Cover song - A couple of hurtin' songs. All I Needed Was the Rain - Wayne/Weisman By The Time I Get To Phoenix - J.Web ----------------------------- All I Needed Was the Rain. Back in 1968 my aunt gave me that album for Christmas. She worked for Singer Sewing so she got it for free. It's a 3 chord song (at least, it is the way I play it) so, it's been in my repertoire since I could play 3 chords. They say in the Wikipedia article that Glenn Campbell did the demo that Elvis used to learn the song. I searched YouTube and Glenn's and Elvis' version of this song can be found. ------------------------------ By the Time I Get To Phoenix. This one is just a lot of fun to sing. Glenn Campbell made a big hit of this song and I've always liked it. Again, Wikipedia has a lot of interesting things to say about this song including a discussion of whether the drive times make any sense. The upshot seems to be.. you can make it but you've got to go over the speed limit to do it. When I hear a song that basically says.. " you'll miss me when I'm gone" I always cruelly and cynically think.. " Yeah, sure they will". It's still a nice comforting belief for the writer.

This is a brand new original song called Window With A View. I wrote it when I was feeling pessimistic about the year to come, but by the end of the song, I felt the opposite. The future looks bright, if you open your eyes.

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do something called, "Perseverance" by Rob Tardik. Have a great day everybody!

January 6th, 2021 #virtualopenmic
Yes it's time to share a song that you want us to hear 🙂 Original, Cover... it's your choice and you have 24 hours to post!
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Have been working on this song for a while. Keith has a unique style and is one of my key influences.

Here's my cover of Townes Van Zandt's Poncho and Lefty .. here are 2 links .. one for Townes' raw original performance and another to Ashley Campbell's very smooth cover ..

Hi Everyone, It's cold outside so I thought I'd play you a summer song, an original, titled "All I ever need is you"

Two Cover Songs - More Magic Changes Runaway - Del Shannon - Max Crook Runaround Sue - Dion DiMucci and Ernie Maresca --------------------------------- My work schedule is pretty heavy lately so I had to dash these songs off really fast. They are printed on the same page of my Big Red Book of cheat sheets. --------------------------------------- In the video montage behind Runaround Sue I have an image of Del Shannon with a grey goatee. The next image is Ernie Maresca, his co-writer.

Gregory Swain with his lively original "Lake Ontario". Enjoy!

This song was originally released by Roger Miller in July of 1969. Other artists recorded subsequent versions in 1969 and 1970 including Roy Clark, Charlie Pride, Kenny Rogers and The First Edition, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, The Statler Brothers and Gordon Lightfoot. The songwriter himself released a version on his self-titled debut album in 1970. But the most famous version is the one recorded by Janis Joplin only a few days before her death in October 1970, which was posthumously released in 1971 to become her only #1 single. This is a cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee”.

I have learned a handful of Elton John Songs this year so I am trying to space them out. Here is one Elton was not too keen on doing when Bernie first mentioned it. But once Elton sat down with the Lyrics he couldn't NOT do it. Their tribute to John Lennon.

Here’s our nomination for the worst original or not original new song of the new year or any year! Have a good laugh!

Another great episode! I love the creativity here! And I LOVE the positive interaction, that's what makes our musical community special! This was my first attempt at writing lyrics a few years ago. I had no clue what to do with them so our pal, the Uber Talented Phoenix Hale came to my rescue and wrote the music and adjusted the lyrics a bit. :) Yes, COMMUNITY! "Peace of Cake"

I have been accused ( and convicted ) of being too serious about my songwriting... I was sentenced to writing at least 1 ridiculous song. Here it is, performed with my good friend and songwriting partner Dave Kilbank.

Hello Everyone .. I'd like to start 2021 with an instrumental medley of 3 original songs. Hope you will enjoy it.

Hi everybody! Another John Prine song - I know a lot of them!

Traces, by Neil Young

On January 3rd, Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers passed away at 78 of a heart infection. Gerry and the Pacemakers were a 60’s British band who had some amazing parallels with the Beatles. Both bands were from Liverpool; both were managed by Brian Epstein; both played at the Cavern Club in Germany on the same bill; and both were produced in the studio by the legendary George Martin. However Gerry and the Pacemakers had a #1 hit in the UK before the Beatles. Here’s my tribute to Gerry with two of my favourites of his: “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin” and “Ferry Cross the Mersey”.

This is an original song I wrote for a music production class I took in the summer ... the words still ring true :-) ...

Here's an album I made in 2012 with King Beez

Traces, by Neil Young

I have relatives in lockdown in retirement homes. I played them a private concert a while back, then I started sending them 2 new videos a week via Messenger. Based on feedback they enjoy getting them. Here’s one of their favourites - Lucille.

This is one of my personal favorite early Beatles tunes. This is my version of 'All My Loving' with loop pedal!

First #virtualopenmic of the year, January 3rd! What song says New Year? You have 24 hours ish to post your music! 🎸🎹🎤☮ ... See MoreSee Less


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2021 Started in the best way, with FANTASTIC music from our community! Today's post is chock full of talent, variety, and passion! Go watch each one and show some love!! Open Mic has always been the place to hone your craft, try new songs, get your jitters out, find some new jitters, meet your future bandmates, and mostly have fun! With that in mind, I present "Wishing You Were Here" a brand new song by Gregory Swain and Steffi G.

The title song from the 1980 film “Fame” won the Oscar for best original song, but it is this song from the movie that moved me the most. It was written and performed by Paul McCrane, just him and his guitar. McCrane went on to portray a murderous villain in the 1987 movie “RoboCop”, followed by roles on TV series including stints on “ER” and “24”. He won an Emmy for a guest role on “Harry’s Law” in 2011. He currently has a recurring role in the series “All Rise”. This is a cover of “Is it Okay if I Call You Mine”.

Here is Cheryn Lyn Backman & Francesco with "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones. Enjoy!

This beautiful yet powerful song was inspired by an American Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua, named Ben Linder, who was murdered by Contras. Sting wrote this during a tropical storm on the Caribbean island of Montserrat in 1987. Since then, it has become the voice of many different causes, including a plea by environmentalists to care for the planet. In 2001, the song resurfaced after the 9-11 terrorist attacks in the US. "'Fragile had found yet another home to work its comforting solace," he wrote. This is "Fragile".

Atto di forza numero 10 [cover]

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do one more holiday song entitled "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?". This song has been covered by many artists like Straight No Chaser from their latest Christmas album Social Christmasing and Brian Setzer from his Christmas album Dig That Crazy Christmas. Stay tuned for Wednesday!

Just a little cover of Tracy Chapmans, Give Me One Reason

FOOD AND WATER FIRST in the park socially distanced but still awake 🎶

Hi - Here's a song that celebrates the importance of TODAY... seems like a good song for the beginning of a new year:

I made some new original tunes - here they are - enjoy

Well it took some scrambling but I found a theme appropriate song I could learn and post in time. Big smiles 'caus I got through it without forgetting the words - LOL

Here’s “I Call Your Name by Jim Croce “ Probably the mist played song on radio ! But when you play it yourself it just lifts your spirits!

Happy New Year everyone! I did not have time to do a live presentation but if you feel like listening to a funny song I wrote about my new camper named Lucille, lol visit;

Not sure if this song says New Year, unless 2021 is going to be the year of the one-man guitar/ukulele duo (you heard it here first). This is the late, great John Prine’s “The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness.”

Two Cover Songs - Prine and Kristofferson Everybody - John Prine Jesus Was a Capricorn (Owed to John Prine) - K.Kristofferson Over the Christmas season people mention the name Jesus. A LOT. Every time I heard it , the words 'was a Capricorn' would run through my mind as a sort of 'fill in the blank'. ---------- Both songs have similar chord progressions so I played them in different keys so they'd sound a little different. ----------------------------------------- Everybody John Prine and Steve Goodman were pals together in Chicago folk club scene. Then Steve got a job opening for Kris Kristofferson. When Steve and Kris passed through Chicago , Steve brought Kris to see John and the die was cast. John got his record deal through a recommendation by Kris. At some point in all this Kris heard John play "Everybody" and he immediately wrote "Capricorn" as his reply. Kris even mentions John by name in the title of the song. Or, at least that's the story I heard. --------------------------------------- Jesus Was a Capricorn (Owed to John Prine) I've always wondered about the use of the word Owed in the title. Did Kris feel like he owed John some sort of debt of gratitude or did he mean "Ode to John Prine" and it's a typo on the record. Just speculation on my part.

Wasn't 2020 fun? Fleetwood Mac's - Never Going Back Again!! Tuning: C G D G B E - Capo 6th Fret

This is a new recording of “Broken Roads and Wrong Turns,” a song I wrote in late spring or early summer of 2020. Original song by Chief Manashah -I got my own Blues-

This is my cover of 'Desperado' by the Eagles (I like the original best)! I think the composition is very well put together. My fav lyric from this song? Probably "freedom? Thats just some people talking, your prison is walking through this world all alone"

Blue Angel original song. Happy New Year.

December 30th #virtualopenmic which happens to be the last one of 2020! The posting will go on for 24 hours. Pick that one special song to complete our year! 🎶🎤✌ ... See MoreSee Less


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“Wherefore and Why” could be a good way to sum up 2020. So here’s a cover of the Gordon Lightfoot song of the same name.

I don’t have another song, but I hope it’s ok to post a few, ok, maybe more than a few, words. 2020 may have been a terrible year in many ways, but one thing I’m grateful for is finding this wonderful group of singers, songwriters and musicians online. This is such a welcoming and encouraging family and, for me personally, you have all helped revive my love of playing music and pushed me to learn and try new songs. I have so enjoyed listening to yours every Sunday and Wednesday. I have made many new friends and had the privilege of meeting some of you in person at the outdoor open mic’s. Hopefully I can meet all of you in 2021! So thank you. Thanks to Gregory Swain for his encouragement and talent and, most of all, a heartfelt thanks to Steffi for looking out for us and giving us wandering minstrels a place to play! All the best for 2021 to you all! 🥳🎉🎶

Gregory Swain with his original "Where Will I Go?". Maybe you can give him some suggestions 🤣😎✌

It's been a wacky year, and who knows what next year will bring, but it did help create this amazing online community so it couldn't have been all bad, right? Make sure you check out everyone's post! Celebrate the Past, plan for the Future, and in the meantime make MUSIC! Peace and love to you all and have the happiest of New Years! As always please message me with any questions or comments or concerns or vegan gluten free recipes 😁 and spread the word on where to meet up musically! ( or If you watch 3/4ths of this video continue to the end so we won't feel awkward about how it went lol true open mic life! "All Good Things" by Nelly Furtado

My apologies - accidentally posted the unedited video.

For those who heard me sing this song before I’m sorry but this my other favourite song - “All I ask” by Adele. I also want to thank Steffi for giving us a safe and welcoming place to share our music. Looking forward to 2021 🙂

This is blatant cheating because I posted this song on Sunday (but it's a new video). Goodbye 2020 - please never, EVER, come this way again. Happy 2021 everybody!

Wow, what a year... 2020 is coming to a close and this year really impacted so many lives. This tribute is dedicated to Family, Friends & Celebrities we have lost. - Garth Brooks - The Dance...

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do Marshmallow World by Dean Martin. Stay tuned for a New Year's song covered by Brian Setzer and Straight No Chaser on Sunday!

Because of this fabulous virtual open mic we have met so many talented people and enjoyed their music ! Bravo again Steffi!

Can I post 2 songs? I’m having a hard time choosing just one 😳 Here is the first one: I am covering Tate McRae’s “ Tear myself Apart”. Hope you all like it 🥰

Happy New Year ! thanks to Steffi again !for creating this virtual open mic and sanity saver!

Hope this works. All the best in everything everyone!💖

I've probably posted this previously, but it seems very appropriate as we bid adieu to a notable year. I'm dedicating it to a true friend of the Toronto music scene who recently passed away, Gary Webb aka Gary 17 of Toronto Moon Magazine fame. Gary dedicated a large part of his life for 35+ years to publicizing live music performers and events in the GTA. To those of us who remain: May you be able to see in the coming year with one or more people that you love. Hold on to them tight, cuz love is all we've got. From my November 2019 gig at OpenStudio Art Café:

This is my favorite song to sing when I feel down. This year was rough but if you find some hope and let the music fill your soul things won't seem as dark. All the best in 2021.

Here’s hoping that the coming year is “Better Than The Last.” This Paperboys song is now more than five years old, but it could be this year’s Auld Lang Syne. Best wishes to everyone for a great 2021, including a quick return to live music!

My daughter's latest release:

And on the lighter side - just for fun...

Hello Everyone, happy last day of 2020, Id like to thank all of the listeners and artists in this great community. Your kind comments and feedback have definitely contributed to a productive pandemic period and feel i have evolved as an artist, and i only have this great community to thank for that. This song "All of the Above" is one I wrote a couple years back, purely to release any negative thing in the atmosphere that could block a clear and calm mind state. The verses hip hop style rhyme scheme allowed me to get out any aggression I had while the chorus' country melody added a more balanced tone, and is still one of my favourites to play live. Thanks again for listening, commenting and for your continued support!

Thank you Stef for this amazing thread! I’m closing out this year with a video I put out yesterday, and look forward to many more! Cheers everyone!

Auld Lang Syne - Medley of my new original tune & the traditional tune recorded live at King Henry Arms. I invite you to sing with me and the KHA choir on the second half of the medley.

A recent Janis Ian song - appropriate for the times

I can't believe 2020 is almost over, it's been a whirlwind of a year. I wish all of you the best in 2021! Here's "April Come She Will" by Simon & Garfunkel

hey guys, happy almost new year! here’s a lil cover of kyoto by phoebe bridgers 💞 enjoy!

It's Sunday December 27th and we look forward to your music being posted, within the next 24 hours, on our fabulous community #virtualopenmic 🎤☮🎶 (so like, now) ... See MoreSee Less


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Alessandro Sampieri from "Cave Man City"!

Cheryn Lyn Backman and Francesco!

It’s still Christmas season at Church, so it’s still ok to play carols! This is an instrumental of “O Come All Ye Faithful” which I would play during a quiet time at mass.

It's about looking forward to what your musical family will play next. It's about seeing a performer for the first time. It's about trying a new song, or an old one in a new way. It's about rediscovering songs you forgot about or discovering songs you never knew. It's about community! One more YROM VOM before the 2020 ends so join us with some music to propel us into the new year! "Say Something" by A Great Big World

"Looking for the Future" One of Gregory Swain's newer songs 🎵 Here he is with Tom Neale on lapsteel and Jonathan Ison on percussion!

Christmas Day has come and gone- John Prine’s “Souvenirs.” A little uneven on the playing, I just rediscovered an old set of finger picks and thought I would give them a try.

almost forgot about this :) lazy sunday reviewing my setlist and looking for other songs maybe. do i cover newer material? older? maybe it depends on the venue :) Saw these guys back in the early 90s, great show.

At 7 PM, on Dec 24, 2019, a beautiful soul named Andrée Anne Ouellet, passed away at the tender age of 30. It is so heart breaking. In loving memory and to celebrate her life, I created this "Bright Eyes" music video. We truly miss her. Here's my tribute to this wonderful soul, Andrée Anne. My apology for being a little emotional in singing this.

Thought I might as well post the other John Prine Christmas song I know - “Christmas in Prison”

Can’t get enough of the fabulous Christmas songs - here’s The Christmas Song written by Mel Torme a good friend of my father!

Hello Everyone, this is an original songI wrote a couple years ago, in the middle of winter, when the sun was low, and even then there wasn't much good news to see if you turned on the tv. The only good thing i noticed was the rate of violence went down when the weather dipped below -20. So I wrote "Cold War". Enjoy and stay safe and healthy!!

Okay I’ll join in today ! This is my original tune called Kassandra 🤘🏼

The first time I heard this song, I got full body chills. The second time I listened to this song, I teared up (boohoo, I know). The third time I listened to it, I knew it was my favourite. It's something about songs that get you emotionally that really attach to you. Dan Fogelberg even said if he could have only written one song in his life, it would've been this one, 'Leader of the Band'. On a side note, a made a little error in the lyrics, it should go "I thank you for the music, and your stories of the road", nonetheless, enjoy!

Happy Sunday! Hope you like my cover of Tate McRae’s song - One Day 💕

This one is by request - my brother Bob reminded me this one was one of my dad's favourites. It's an old Irish folk song sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary. A man goes out hunting for birds. Usually this is described as being in the evening or by moonlight in the rain. He sees something white in the bushes. Thinking this is a swan, he shoots. To his horror he discovers he has killed his true love, Polly Von. Returning home, he reports his mistake to his father. This is "Polly Von".

Dan Fogelberg's - Longer - This song brings back memories growing up. Love the mellow sound from the finger picking on acoustic guitar. This is in Open G tuning. Thanks....

Use to play this song at some open mics when I would take my keyboard, otherwise I would just play it on the guitar. Feel free to sing along!! Classic 80's.... Toto's Africa...

Message from the Heart, original song.

An alternative video for the holiday tune I posted on FB a couple of days ago, "Been-a-Long-Time Christmas Kiss. Words and music copyright (c) 2020 Gregory James Shields (SOCAN). LYRICS: Our lives touched briefly long time ago Then we disappeared down two forks in the road Now chance throws us together again As this bleak year rattles to an end Now I remember all the things I’ve missed Like this been-a-long-time Christmas kiss Never knew I was waiting for you Were a lot of changes I had to go through But now there’s starlight in your smiling eyes As we slow dance in the snow under Christmas Eve sky Let’s make love last forever just like this Been-a-long-time Christmas kiss You’re a little shy to call this love But with your arm in mine and the stars above You can call it anything you want Cuz I’m flyin’ high You taught me to dance in the snow So far away and long ago A dream from the used to be Come back to life to cut me free You promise Christmases to come with this Been-a-long-long-long-time Christmas kiss Been-a-long-time Christmas kiss

This is an original song I released in April 2020 titled “Mr Popular”. This is an acoustic version so if you enjoy this video I’ll reply to my own comment and leave a link to the original version. Hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays.

Hi everybody! Owen here. Here's me playing Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Stevens. Stay tuned for another catchy Christmas song this coming Wednesday!

One more Christmas song to share, sung with this lovely singing friend from the UK... making up for lost time. 🤪

Here's a Double Shot of Blues 78^)

Here's one to end 2020. Happy (and I do mean HAPPY) 2021!

December 23rd #virtualopenmic decided to start now. I can't hold back the music sharing any longer!! You have 25 hours to post a song that will make us smile (or cry, or whatever it is we feel) 🎶☮🎤 ... See MoreSee Less


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My old guitar teacher taught me this arrangement. I played it at church during Christmas Eve mass. This is a short instrumental version of Silent Night.

Gregory Swain's original song "Step Lightly". Enjoy!

Seriously stunning vocals and playing and collaborating and FUN! Merry Christmas to all you wonderful musicos! (Even if you don't celebrate I still want you to be Merry!) And please pm me with any thoughts on our virtual mic and what YOU would like to do! "Come in From the Cold" by Joni Mitchell

I heard this Christmas song in “The Princess Switch” And I loved it! So I decided to sing it for you guys 🙂 hope you like it . MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!

Loving this time line! I have added links below to two of my Christmas covers with Jeff Gold You can also check out my original music on my website:

I'm a bit late for this one...but Merry Christmas everyone!

A fun one to play!

Two Bob Dylan Covers. My Back Pages - I Want You - Bob Dylan ---------------------------------------------- I've been really busy at work and with Christmas and all, I haven't had too much time to record. So, zoomed through a couple of my favourite Bob Dylan songs. Songs I play all the time just to amuse myself. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas! Thanks to the worlds best open mic host Steffi for brightening up our lives with this amazing musical forum !

Time for some fun! Here’s Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. Brought to you by the Drama Society of Upper Canada and lower Leamington.

A secular seasonal song ,“Walking in a Winter Wonderland” - Happy Festivus!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Here's Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea, inspired by Lucy Rose's version :)

Had a lot of fun trying to play the Barenaked Ladies version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings” - Merry Christmas everyone!

I'd like to wish everyone a Joyful Christmas via my version of Joy To The World

Here is the last song of my holiday song series! This is my favorite Beach Boys song, period. I first heard this a couple of years ago, and I always knew I wanted to cover it, but I never quite knew how. I've been working this song for a couple of weeks, and rearranged it quite a bit. My dad said he got the vocal loop part stuck in his head, 😅. But it's such a fun song, so I hope you enjoy it. 6/6🎄 You can catch the full series on my youtube channel (they're being released until Christmas day). (P.S. I originally though my shirt was red, but it turned orange, just think it's red, thanks 😉)

Doc Walker cover, like to mix it up a bit. This song I’ve been doing for about two years.

Here is an Online Collaboration with Lamont Cranston for his Original Song "I Don't Know"

A friend posted a solo video earlier this year as he was missing everyone who jammed together at the open mics. I took his video and as a surprise added in the other instruments and got some others to join in.. we surprised him last Saturday with the final result and he was blown away and just loved it.. A Christmas surprise!

This song can be seen about a full romance from beginning to end. The story of the song is chronological in nature, and is about courtship, marriage, and lastly, death. The two people in the song meet, court, and fall in love. Their romance is so strong that even the sky (or Heaven) is jealous of their relationship ("jealous sky"). Eventually, he dies and tells his lover that they will always remember their time together. Whenever she thinks of him, he wants to be remembered while she walks in "Fields of Gold" (or barley).

I’ll Be Home For Christmas! But we’re sharing it with all the musicians from the Steffi’s York Region Virtual Open Mic! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hi everybody! Owen here. Here's Taking Care Of Christmas by Randy Bachman. Stay tuned for another great Christmas song on this coming Sunday!

OK - I thought I would "get with the program" and do a Christmas Song. Here's one by Tom Petty I just learned (obviously....78^)

#virtualopenmic December 20/20
Join us for the 80th Episode!!
You have 24 hours to post a song that says "yay 80!"🤩✌
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Gregory Swain with his original Xmas song "Christmas Gift of Love" 🎄🎁❤

Our 80 was super greaty!! 🤩 This community never ceases to amaze me with its talent and enthusiasm and encouragement and engagement and and and!! Let's keep this rolling and growing! "I Know Why" by Sheryl Crow

A Christmas song on tenor ukulele for ‘80’ - “Little Drummer Boy”

Michael Howitt did “Old Toy Trains” last week, from Raffi’s excellent Christmas album. This song from the same record is called “Christmas Time’s A Comin’” - Happy 80!

Not sure if I've posted this song before feeling better. I have some new songs I have written soon. Original song Backside of the storm.

It’s always better with Snow! But we all will have the York Region Virtual open mic videos to cheer us up!

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do Rocking Around The Christmas Tree. Stay tuned for a Randy Bachman Christmas song this coming Wednesday!

This is a lovely arrangement of two Christmas songs - Child of the Poor and What Child is This? sung together. It marries the old and the new.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoy my music video! Happy 80! 🍭❄

Posting Natalis and Natalie duo of Natalie and Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable"

Gabriela Nozaki did such an amazing rendition of this song on the last post. So I’ve taken a page out of the Gregory Swain and Lamont Cranston school of covers and changed it up a bit on the guitar. This is Joni Mitchell’s “River”. Happy 80! 🎉🎶

Many are hoping for snow for Xmas, and the forecast looks like a maybe, but also is showing rain. Here's a cover tune in that vein...

Please come home for Christmas with Joe Ozorio - "Yay 80!"

New song I'm working on, let me know what you think. Wife is on the fence so might remove from setlist. I have been wonting on it for a few days and sometimes it talks a week or two to find the groove.

Bit of technical difficulties on the last one, but Hello Everyone, wishing you a happy holidays and much better new year than the one we are experiencing! Im not big on too many christmas songs, so here is the latest song I have written "Hard Labour". Hope you enjoy !

We’re Dreaming Of A White Christmas! Written by Irving Berlin!

Merry Christmas !!! From Bond Head!!

Two Cover Songs - 100 Pounds of Clay - Gene McDaniels Stand By Me - Ben E. King - Leiber and Stoller ------------------------------------------ These are a two songs based on the Circle of Fifths, or as they call it in Grease, "Those Magic Changes". I've been singing both these songs for as long as I can remember. Both are on the list still taped to my oldest guitar. The one I call my 'street' guitar. Traded my 10 speed bike for that guitar when I was 17. Best trade I ever made. I would fool around with these 4 chord songs for hours while out busking, just playing and practicing. Dancing and singing and making people happy. Fun times with fun songs.

Growing up, I've seen the movie 'The Polar Express' more times than I can remember, but I never understood the ending. Watching it again this year, I smile because it's almost an introperspective movie (in my opinion). This song was sung by Josh Groban, so you might know it. This is 'Believe', and I think we should all believe, maybe especially in these tough times. 5/6🎄

Here is Grown up Christmas Wish. Enjoy! 🥰

#virtualopenmic December 16th, 2020. So please post a song. It can be any style, and instrument, any amount of humans or animals, covers or originals. The only rule is it should include you, and be posted within the next 24 hours. 🎶😎🎤 ... See MoreSee Less


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Beautiful and varied as usual! Wednesday can be a boring day in "normal" times, covid life is sooooooo boring. Thanks to you guys it is now one of my favorite days, you make it special! Have you watched yourself back on the website? The Chanukah song book is limited so I apologize if I have done the same song on the same day as any of you. But I am pretty sure we all give the songs our own twist (and I only know half the chords you do 😃) Maoz Tzur and The Dreidel song

So back in 2016 we had a bi monthly appearance on our local "Daytime" morning show from Roger's TV. I would bring on local ORIGINAL musicians who would get to perform a couple of songs. We were able to showcase 25 fabulous musicians before Roger's TV closed its doors. It really was an amazing platform. If you want to check them out head over to the website and go to the "Local Original Music" page. Of course my YROM partner Gregory Swain joined in, solo and with his band "Treeline". This is his original song "Back to the Roots" which became the title track to his first cd. He played it solo here on his tenor guitar. Head over to his website for the full band version!

This is my rendition of "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree". It's pretty well known, but I wanted to give it a try, especially to turn the saxophone solo into a guitar one. I didn't have a shaker, so I had to improvise! 4/6🎄

forgot to post, crazy day wednesday. for this song I'm kinda thinking of my bike lol miss summer and cruising. cheers!

Here is my cover of a Supertramp's The Logical Song

T'is the season .. Please sing ... Deck the halls with boughs of holly Fa la la la la, la la la la

Here's my cover of Ian Tyson's Four Strong Winds .. I'll always be missing the southwest corner of Alberta ..

Here's River by Joni Mitchell :)

Charlie Pride just died a couple of days ago. This one is called “Is Anybody Goin’ to San Antone.” Pride was the second African-American member of the Grand Ole Opry and a professional baseball player before he was a singer. More importantly, he was my mom’s favourite singer - RIP Charlie

Per sempre (cover)

Fun Happy Holidays video from my choir AltVox - enjoy!

Here’s Rock Of Ages ! The Chanukah version!

Arkells cover 😀 Russ Cayen

Here’s a brand new original, written in the last couple of days, called “Snowed In Love.”

Arthur's Theme by Christopher cross shared to the virtual Folk show last weekend

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do Another Rock & Roll Christmas by Gary Glitter. Stay tuned for another great Christmas song on Sunday!

A reminder that this can be a difficult time of year for many. This is a cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Circle of Steel”.

One Cover - One Original Country Christmas is the Theme Blue Christmas - Hayes - Johnson Christmas Is Here - TMC --------------------------------- Nancy sings with me again !

Hey everyone here’s our new Christmas song that we just released for the holidays!!

December 13th #virtualopenmic is ready for your music! You have 24 hours to decide and post that song you know we will love today! 🎤🎵✌ ... See MoreSee Less


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This is the third song if my little Holiday music series. This one's infused with a little love 💕 (took me a couple tries to get the ending right). Here is 'The Gift' 3/6🎄

Baci (cover)

Hi everybody! Owen here Today, I would like to do my third Christmas original called Dear Mr. Claus. Stay tuned for another great Christmas song on Wednesday!

Hey everyone!!! Miss playing at York Region Open Mic!! Can’t wait for Covid to be over! We have recently started this new band called “LST IN HLYWD” and here is our first ever cover!! If you enjoy it please like, comment, and subscribe it honestly helps soo much🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

"The Eyes of a Woman" an Original song from Gregory Swain with assistance from some other Treeline members :) Jonathan Ison & Tom Neale. For more music 🎶

Hi Everyone. Here's an original I wrote, called "I and I". Thanks for watching!

Here's my cover of "You Were Meant For Me" cowrote by Jewel and Steve Poltz (a Canadian) .. my favorite performance of it is with both of them at Salmonfest in Alaska .. also if you want a good read, try Jewel's autobiography titled "Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story" . it's a great story of surviving life's ups and downs .. It's interesting in that it can be sung from either a man's or a woman's perspective .. enjoy ..

This is called: Same Ol Song

This song was written by Roger Miller in 1967, but the version I became familiar with was on Raffi’s 1983 Christmas Album which we played to our girls when they were young. Raffi was born in Egypt and immigrated to Canada when he was 10. He started off as a folk singer playing coffeehouses in Toronto and Montreal. Success eluded him until he was invited to sing at a Toronto public school. He went on to become one of the most popular children entertainers of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. This is a cover of “Little Toy Trains”.

I really love and appreciate the creativity here! There is no 1 type of music or musician here at our mic! Make sure you head back and make sure you have not missed anything. And make sure you subscribe to the YouTube pages that are presented here, it costs nothing and it means a lot to the creators! So Chanukah didn't really do it's job when it came to music (deep fried potatoes and dough have been covered) A few years ago I discovered my good friend Natalis Wong not only knew the song but sang it beautifully. But I was not completely surprised since he is the king of deep roots folk music. So with the sun quickly going down, and a chill in the air, and me needing a few takes 😁 (that's when you know u have a great friend :) ) Well here it is. "Light One Candle" by Peter, Paul and Mary

Hi I re arranged this Neopolitan Dance in C Major. Hope you like it.

This song was written in 1982 by group member Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame, as a pacifist response to the 1982 Lebanon War, an intention was reflected in the lyrics "Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice justice and freedom demand, Light one candle for the wisdom to know when the peacemaker's time is at hand." In 1983, when the trio performed the song at an outdoor concert in Jerusalem, Israel, a country torn over the Lebanon War, they added lyrics to address the political complexities faced by their audience: "Light one candle for the strength that we need to never become our own foe. Light one candle for those who are suffering, pain we learned so long ago. Light one candle for all we believe in, let anger not tear us apart. Light one candle to bind us together with peace as the song in our heart..." When they repeated the chorus "Don't let the light go out, It's lasted for so many years. Don't let the light go out, Let it shine through our love and our tears," the politically mixed audience cheered. Yarrow cleverly made the lyrics state "Light One Candle" eight times in the song, coinciding with the eight days of Hanukkah. Connie and I would like to wish all our family and friends a very Happy Hanukkah - let the lighting of one candle "bind us together with peace as the song in our heart".

Hi, this isn't a live open mic style video but I'd like to share it... My friend just released a "The Nightmare Before Christmas" EP a couple of days ago and asked me to sing one of the songs. This is our cover of "What's This" (featuring my cat).

Chinese sad song. I hope you like it.

I sent this over to Awesome Play by Barb Scott so thought I would share it here too! An old French Christmas Carol. Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella. I sing it in English and French. With a bit of a hoarse throat. Little cold going on but nothing more. 💜

The Cremation of Sam McGee - Robert Service - 1907 This afternoon I was going to record a couple of Bob Dylan songs but, I got distracted by an intrusive thought about the poem "The Cremation of Sam McGee". Instead of doing what I planned, I started to fool around trying to sing that poem. I made up a simple riff based on 'spooky chords'. Then I just improvised reading/singing the poem and improvising around with the basic riff. There is no way I could recreate this because I don't really know what I did. I just kinda let my fingers take over. Good thing I have video, eh ? While singing I noticed that the inciting incident of this story takes place on Christmas day, so it's even seasonal. After I was done, I searched the internet to see if other people had done this before. I thought it was really cool that Johnny Cash had done a spoken word version and Stompin' Tom had done a very uptempo version.

Here's some good old Canadian Content -

“Dirty Old Town” has been covered by a lot of Irish bands, but it was actually written by Ewan McCall, an English-born songwriter of Scottish heritage, about a suburb of Manchester. The Pogues changed “Salford wind” to “smoky wind.”

Made this cover of Sound of Silence with WongMo Trio for the Virtual Folk concert 2020.

Here's my Russian lyrics version of Depeche Mode ‐ Clean.

Here’s the Buddy Holly song Always -done later by James Taylor Linda Ronstat and everyone!

Hi Folks. So I don't have any more Frank Wilks originals so I thought I would post a few cover songs I did yesterday. I would MUCH rather do Originals so if you have any that you would like me to add Keys and Vocals to and do a "combined" video like I did with Frank - please message me.

Singing a favourite tune of mine, Valerie by the late Amy Winehouse

2 months ago

York Region Open Mic

#virtualopenmic December 9th Edition! You have 24 hours to post your song. Because YOU are why we do this!! ... See MoreSee Less


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Crazy times call for crazy songs. 🤟

Had a wardrobe malfunction (mandolin strap), but pushed through on this version of Townes Vanzandt’s “White Freightliner Blues.”

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do Sleigh Ride by Brian Setzer. Stay tuned for a new original Christmas song coming this Sunday!

Here’s a cover of Chris Stapleton’s “You Should Probably Leave” off his most recent album.

While waiting on a few new videos, I found this one from last summer which I never posted for some reason. From NL's amazing Ron Hynes, "Sonny's Dream".

O For A World Where Everyone respects each other's ways where love is lived and all is done with justice and with praise

Hi Everyone, Our latest soundtrack... When I think of you, I remember, a world of blue. The sound of your voice spinning in my head whispers of days gone by. All I have left are sweet memories of our time together, never be forgotten...never to be forgotten... Another, original song release, "MEMORIES" by The Creatures on SOUNDCLOUD your likes/comments are much appreciated. We hope you enjoy our latest original track, “Memories", written by Morr Serber Our latest original: “Memories” See More When I think of you, I remember, a world of blue. The sound of your voice spinning in my head whispers of days gone by. All I have left are sweet memories of our time together, never be We hope you enjoy our latest original track, “Memories", written by M. Serber. Our latest original: “Memories” Memories Memories When I think of you, I remember, a world of blue. The sound of your voice spinning in my head whispers of days gone by. All I have left is sweet memories of our time together, never be forgotten...

Here's my cover of Phil Och's "Changes" which I first heard Neil Young cover at his last Massey Hall concert .. Gordon Lightfoot covered it also .. a very elaborate breakup song I believe

Thanks for adding me to the group. Here's an older original song for you. Written as the theme song for the 2013 Special Olympics in Newfoundland. Had a blast flying out there to enjoy my 15 minutes of fame 😊. Video is from the opening ceremony. Enjoy!

Here’s the Sam Cooke song - What A Wonderful World! Cover James Taylor also did this song and Simon and Garfunkel!

I know it’s not officially winter yet, but it sure feels like it! Besides, Gordon Lightfoot likes to tell the story about how he wrote this song in his hotel room in Cleveland during a thunderstorm in July. It’s one of my favourites. This is a cover of “Song for a Winter’s Night”.

Hello Everyone, Here is my first ever Holiday song written, performed and produced in-house because of these social distancing times. It is called "A Present for Me" and can be heard on Spotify & Apple Music too. Thank you for listening and thank you for being there for the community. Don

Ok for sure you all need to go back and make sure you saw ALL the amazing videos! You guys are really awesome! Let your people know! Trying to get back into playing, I slipped into lazy mode. It's only fair that I play these mics if I am bugging you all to play! "Someday Never Comes" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

lindo Gabi, parabens!!! bjs

This is my bandmate Michael Heritage and I performing our single “Isolate The Man”. We’re a two piece rock band from Markham Ontario

This is my cover of Brand New Day by Forty Foot Echo (:

Here's the second song in my little series of unique Holiday music series. This is 'Christmas Day' by the Beach Boys, my second favorite of their Holiday stuff (stay tuned to find out my favorite ;) The original is not even two minutes, but I tried to make it work for me. Hope you like it. 2/6 🎄

Here is my version of O Holy Night. I decided to go with a background track because I couldn’t do it justice on a guitar. This brings back memories of singing this at Midnight Mass many many years ago. So I got in the spirit by wearing a suit! 🙂

Thanks York Region Open Mic for doing this. Here's a little original instrumental "Out of the Blue" performed with my good friend Dave Kilbank on 12 string guitar. Enjoy

Really enjoyed these

Love the Foos, drummer reminds me of a guy that played in Nirvana....not sure 🙂 one of my fav foo songs, new one I’m learning.

3 Songs for the Season Hanukah, Hanukah - Traditional Huron Carol - Brebeuf Good King Wenceslas - Neal and Helmore -------------------------------------------- Dec 10th is the first day of Hanukah so, I thought I'd sing the only Hanukah song I know. When I was a teenager I played Peter Van Daan in the play The Diary of Anne Frank. In a scene at the end of Act 1, the group of refugees try to cheer themselves up by celebrating and singing a song. We didn't sing the song that was written in the official script. Instead, our director had us sing this song. I've never forgotten playing in that melancholy scene and so I've never forgotten this happy song. -------------------------------------------- Huron Carol was my Mom's favourite Christmas carol and I've always liked it too. -------------------------------------------- Good King Wenceslas - When I told Nancy I was planning on doing some Christmas songs she volunteered to sing one of her favourites with me.

Awesome to see many talented and creatives here. Sharing our video from i guess the last year? When we did not need to wear our masks on yet. We are missing this performance at Cosmo during the open mic. Our first ever. Second video is a cover, a tribute for everyone. An advance happy Christmas song..

Volare (instrumental cover)

2 months ago

York Region Open Mic

December 6th #virtualopenmic Yes that's right, it's time to share your music with us!
What is the song of the day?
You have 24 hours........ok ill give you 25 this time 🤩🎵🎤
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Dan Fogelberg's - Leader of the band. Dedicated to my Dad who's been gone several years..

A song from our good friend Robert Brann from a few years ago. We are sad to hear about his health issues. Bob and his wife Joan Brann have been supporting #yorkregionopenmic since our early Big Daddy’s days. We love you and wish you the best 💟

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. I saw Santa Claus tour in my neighborhood yesterday! Stay tuned for another great Christmas song on Wednesday!

Here’s a stripped down version of Wasting Time’s new song, Runaways.

A Christmas Hallelujah

This is what happens when you are thinking about writing a blues song, but you’re not really sad. Bending the one song request a bit, attached in the comments is an alternate version that I did as a bluegrass song - bluesgrass?

I've had a terrible year but a terrific week, seems as though I may be able to end 2020 with a bang, released my Christmas single yesterday "Christmas Love" which is available on all mediums! I do hope it will be well received. Please enjoy!

Gregory Swain, Jonathan Ison, and I had some fun playing some new (for us) songs. "Please Come to Boston" by Dave Loggins. Of course I was doing the Joan Baez version while Greg did the original version, and Jonathan just made magic with his percussion and harmonies! I am so happy to see all of you performing, It really is such a pleasure to spend the day with our talented community, live and online! Keep Sharing! Peace!

Here’s California Dreaming cover by the Mamas and Papas and we really are a Mama and a Papa

Here is my first of six holiday songs this year, I wanted to pick songs that aren't overly done. This one is a soft one, here is "These are the Special Times"

This Joni Mitchell classic is a great anthem for the hippie generation (yes, I'm one!). The song is a story of a character who met someone inspirational (someone in the band) and followed them and joined the hippie movement. The next stanza seems like a conversation between the two of them.. The narrator wants to be part of the "movement" (for lack of a better term). This is Woodstock. Charendoff

Hey Everyone, here's my attempt at singing Blue by Joni Mitchell :)

Two Cover Songs about Age The dangers of growing old and the dangers of growing young. My My Hey Hey - Sugar Mountain - Neil Young ------------------------------------------------- A couple of my favourites from my street singing days. People used to request Neil Young so often I ended up learning a ton of his songs. When I think of My My Hey Hey, I'm struck with the thought, good thing Neil Young didn't follow his own advice. I can't sing Sugar Mountain without thinking of going to the CNE as a teenager.

This Gordon Lightfoot song is a sad one. Guy loses girl, but, more tragically, he trades off his Martin. You guitar players know what I’m talking about! This is a cover of “Ten Degrees and Getting Colder” (Fahrenheit that is).

Another brick in the wall (cover)

Hello from Vancouver Island. Here is a live version of the title track to my latest album "Today is the Day" - Thank You York Region Open mic for making this sharing possible.

I think I have shared this before sorry I haven't been on for awhile. I had covid and got over that then got the shingles. hope I can share some new songs soon. this is one of my Blues songs Ain't your kinda man.

Here my cover of Bitch by Meredith Brooks

2 months ago

York Region Open Mic

#virtualopenmic December 2nd, 75th episode!! How many songs have you posted?? Well you now have 24 ish hours to share your music with us! We will continue for at least 75 more episodes so pace yourself!
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Dream A Little Dream Of Me ! Theme song of the new series The Undoing on Crave!

Hey everyone my name is Ian Marc hope you enjoy my cover of “White Christmas”

My first original song "Just Be Strong"

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do my original Christmas song called Santa's New Sleigh! Hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for Sunday as I do another great Christmas song!

Here’s my livestream from tonight on Acoustic Spotlight London...

That's a lot of talent wrapped up in this post! Make sure go check those videos out and let the musicians know you were there 😉 Here is a little song ambush I did while Natalis Wong was singing at Cosmo Music - The Musical Instrument Superstore For one of our open mics 🎤 "You've Got a Friend" by Carole King

I was going to sing but i kept messing up the chords or it just sounded bad because I can’t sing so here’s another lyric-less cover of Dave Van Ronk, Hang Me, Oh Hang Me. I’ll try singing another time (or maybe today. I need breaks from school work)

A Luke Combs cover I did for my wife a little while back. Cheers all! Happy jammin'!

I apologize the last video posted was uneditted but here is my latest song i wrote called "Beard to Toe". Thank you to Steffi G for creating this outlet for us artists and also pushing us and getting us outside of our comfort zones!! Enjoy!!

Two Cover Songs - Songs to sing loudly Nadine (Is It You ?) - Chuck Berry Anna ( Go To Him ) - Arthur Alexander --------------------------------------- If you've had a hard week and you need to yell as loudly as you can then you can sing these songs and people will think you are singing instead of going crazy. Good trick. Worked for me tonight.

Pace yourself is good advice, or you could end up with nothing to post except a Violent Femmes cover on ukulele - and hasn’t that been a bit overdone?

Hi this is a cover of Superman's Dead by Our Lady Peace. I remember it was my birthday and my parents took me to Future Shop where I got my first CD player and first two CDs, one of which was OLP's Clumsy. That night was my first real music listening experience... listened to it 3 times top to bottom (the other CD was a rap album but it had a LOT of swearing so I didn't really mesh with it at the time lol).

Old town road(cover)

A cappella version of "Somebody to Love"

I was moved to tears tonight over a few things-so I felt to share a spontaneous sacred song tonight as a part of being an indigenous person (Mi’kmaq/Métis)/ part European. I sing and drum for all of the indigenous people suffering and dying from COVID 19 right now due to poverty, poor immunity, and higher stress in their communities compared to the general populace. I also sing for clearing away the abuse against indigenous people in the past so that we may walk nobly and happily again. I sing for my father who was abused as a child and though he was a good singer and guitarist (like Johnny Cash!) he was ashamed of himself and too shy to share his gift. I break out of that shame though I was abused myself as well. I sing proudly and freely. And I sing for the joy of living together with all as we move past this pandemic, past shame and into a happy proud future! 🎼Wooohooo! 💃🏻

Did this one a couple weeks ago :) Cheers

This song is from the 1978 album “And Then There Were Three”. Their lead singer, Peter Gabriel had left the band 3 years earlier, followed by guitarist Steve Hackett, which left a trio of Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. It was their first Top 10 hit in the UK and their first Top 30 in the US. This is a cover of “Follow You Follow Me” by Genesis.

Here is another Frank Wilks Original song I collaborated on tonight.

Here is a song I wrote many years ago as in my late teens:

Here is 'Homeward Bound' by Paul Simon (I almost forgot today) been working on some holiday tunes. You'll hear them soon!

2 months ago

York Region Open Mic

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This Bob Dylan song is about the narrator talking about a chance meeting with someone who could be his soul mate but she sees it more as a casual encounter. This is A Simple Twist of Fate.

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do a song called Hey Santa by Brian Setzer and covered by Straight No Chaser. Stay tuned for an exciting new Christmas original song on this coming Wednesday!

I hadn’t played this one in awhile - it’s a hard one to sing so I never did it very much. Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl.”

Singing to the sun and water and windy clouds and wilds of the Beaver River. 🙂

Another Frank Wilks Original - I love doing these - If anyone wants to Collaborate Online let me know -

Here another track of mine as well; Hoping to get the chance to entertain everyone on this virtual open mic 🎤

played this song a few weeks ago with my singing buddies.

“Boys of Summer” was written by Don Henley and former Heartbreaker, now Fleetwood Mac, guitarist Mike Campbell.

"My Baby" by Sixxera

"Dust in the Wind" by Kansas I've wanted to do this song for so long, but it took me forever to learn the solo, memorize it AND play it up to speed. Listening to it now, I think it might have been easier on the electric... Nonetheless, I really like this one. It's got a sad message, and it reminds of the poem "Footprints in the Sand of Time" by Longfellow. Though I think that even if we may be dust in the wind or footprints in the sand of time, it's still worth it to take chances, make impacts, and live to the fullest.

A snippet of Gregory Swain's original tune "Back to the Ocean" from 8 ish years ago when we would hit the open mic circuit. Well it's all different now but as long as you all keep sharing your music and supporting the community there will always be a place to feel positive and smile, I know it's like that for me! ☮.com

Apologies for repetition to anyone who has already seen this video from my personal or Late Fakirs FB pages. Brand new November music - "Locked Up In You". Click Show More for lyrics.

Hi everyone I am Jonathan Panetta. This is an original song titled “Frustrated” I wrote as part of an EP I released back in the summer time. If you like it feel free to follow my Facebook Jonathan Panetta my Instagram @jonathanpanetta and listen to the original version on Spotify. I look forward to hearing you all tonight too!

This song was included in Gordon Lightfoot’s 1966 debut album. Marty Robbins had a #1 hit on the US country charts a year earlier. This is a cover of “Ribbon of Darkness”.

Cibelle- Because It's Christmas Time (original song)

Tears In Heaven ! Mike -if Eric is watching you better come up with a break!

Here is the Last Frank Wilks Original for now - working on two more - maybe by next week.

Two Cover Songs by John Prine Donald and Lydia Christmas in Prison. ------------------------------ I'm not quite ready to do Christmas Carols yet but it's almost December so it's time to start thinking about them again. Here is my favourite John Prine song and a song to help me get ready for Christmas.

Sunday Morning (Maroon 5 cover)

Well, this was a convenient day to release my first video!

Paese (cover)

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