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This song was written and recorded by Canadian Gordon Peterson under his stage name Indio in 1989 and was a top 10 hit in Canada. Most are likely familiar with the cover by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam which he included in the 2007 soundtrack for the movie “Into the Wild”. This is a cover of “Hard Sun”.

Well, tis the season! My first Christmas song of the year and one of my favourites - Mary Did You Know?

Here’s -Ticket To Ride by the Beatles cover!

L’emozione non ha voce (cover)

Ok 4th times a charm. Wasn’t feeling up to singing. Been extremely busy and my fingers weren’t working but here’s a part of Green, Green Rocky Road. Enjoy and ignore the foul ups šŸ˜… Stay safe everyone

Here is my rendition of James Taylor's "Carolina in my Mind". I can't tell you the number of times I said california instead of carolina because of another song I was singing this weekšŸ˜…

Radiohead - "No Surprises"

It’s a Beatles on tenor ukulele and washboard kind of day - “Tell Me Why” from their A Hard Days Night album.

Just goofing around on Wednesday afternoon. Crosby Stills &Nash

Here's another Original V-Colab from Franks Wilks and I - kinda different....78^)

My cover of a Drake White tune "Making me look good again" at the Black Dog

One more random video, then I hope to have some new things to post in the next week or two. This is a lyric video for a super-short track from last November’s Hit Man CD – “Take a Little Walk with Maisie”. I wrote the verse lyrics when I was 16, finally got around to adding the chorus and writing new music a couple of years ago. It’s about a trip up the Ottawa River from Constance Bay to Arnprior when I was a young person and “the Prior” was a very quiet Ottawa Valley small town.

one of my 55 songs I'm cycling through on a regular basis. this is one i added 3 weeks ago and this recording is a progress test. also learning video making...lots of possibilities.

Here's my cover of Neil Young's "From Hank to Hendrix" ..not sure if its loading right .. if not I'll post it next time

Two Cover Songs about the Important things in Life Cat's In The Cradle - Harry Chapin Mr. Businessman - Ray Stevens --------------------------- Cat's In The Cradle - Harry Chapin I chose this classic song as the match to Mr.Businessman because they both deal with the subject of a father's duty to his children. Both songs are a warning to try to find a way to balance home life and work. --------------------------- Mr. Businessman - Ray Stevens In my work I often visit offices in the skyscrapers downtown. The other day I was working , all alone and this song started to run through my head. The best way to get rid of an earworm is to sing/play the entire song from beginning to end. So, I was working away and singing loudly in an empty office. While doing that I was thinking about what a great writer Ray Stevens is, he's good at dramatic songs as well as famous for his hit comedy records. This song is originally done as a grand orchestral piece. It was a real challenge to re-arrange it for just guitar/voice. Fortunately the recording opens with just a single piano tone, repeating. This was my 'way in' to finding an arrangement that worked for me.

Hi everybody! Owen here Today, I would like to do White Christmas, famously covered by Brian Setzer. Stay tuned for another great Christmas song on Sunday!

Positive vibes just spilling out in the music today! This community is keeping the music alive! Another clip from the super cool "Trailblazer Music Festival". This concert series was created by our talented friend Jared Christopher Stafford and took place at CFWI The Armoury! Here we are performing Gregory Swain's original song "Bleed", lyrics by me, super amazing recorder played by Jonathan Ison, and Dave Chan on groovy stand up bass :)

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Got a couple tonight. Really stretching the vocal chords on this one. Had to kick myself you know where to reach some of these notes lol.

It's snowing!šŸŒØ Here is my cover of 'Just When I Needed You Most' by Randy VanWarmer. I slowed mine down inspired by Dolly Parton's version.

Two weeks into this song and working on video and music editing. Low light so its a bit grainy but targeted low light for effect. Will eventually have better video as i work through all the elements that make a decent video. Once spring is here will be capturing some interesting video footage šŸ™‚

This classic Van Morrison song can be taken two ways - first as a love song from a sailor at sea to his lover back home - the foghorn usually means imminent danger but in this case signals he’s coming home. Morrison sometimes writes religious overtones - coming home to his eternal home. This is Into The Mystic.

I Want To Hold Your Hand - by the Beatles cover!

Here’s a quiet version of Willie’s Always On My Mind.

You know it’s a country song when one of the lyrics is “Then I’ll call my dog and I’ll take the truck and I’ll drive on into town”. This Ian Tyson song was recorded by Johnny Cash back in 1967. This is a cover of “Red Velvet”.

Great Big Sea’s “Going Up Tonight”

I miss these! Been busy learning sync music placement and seriously leveling up my production. I will be back soon and better than ever

John Mayer - New Light cover

Beautiful depth and emotion in your posts, we are so lucky to have this community! As long as we keep sharing our music we will stay strong! A few years back when things were simpler (or so I like to remember šŸ˜†) "Yellow" by Coldplay

Now for something completely different..... Back in the 80's I was part of a series of poetry writing contests called the Poetry Sweatshop. Over the 5 years I wrote a lot of poems and turned several of them into songs. This is a collection of poems written by three Sweatshop participants. The enigmatic Sid. My wife Nancy, who also wrote in most of the contests. Finally there are a couple of poems I wrote at the Sweatshop that were never intended to be songs. Hope you enjoy them.

Ain’t that a shame (cover)

Hi everybody! Owen here. Here's A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives! Stay tuned for a Brian Setzer cover of a classic Christmas song!

Here is my Online Collaboration during the 1st lockdown on an Original Song by Toronto's Frank Wilks.

Gregory Swain with another original, "Already Gone". And for more music head over to

#virtualopenmic November 18th. Go forth and post some music that you have played, you have 24 hours ish. āœŒšŸŽ¶ ... See MoreSee Less


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Throwing it back to 5 years ago when I was 6 years old.. šŸ„° hope you all like it šŸ™‚

A favourite of mine from Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water

During the hiatus working on new material for new live videos, here's a little video I threw together almost a year ago, set to one of my few blues/rock tracks. Contrasting anarchy vs conformity in the battle between graffiti and grey paint along the CN tracks out of Parkdale. "Just These Chains" featuring my buddy Dwayne Jackson on vocals and the Pick Brothers Band backing up. I'm there on guitar and harp.

Here’s my tribute to Gordon Lightfoot. I remember my annual pilgrimage down to Massey Hall every year in the 70’s and 80’s to see him in concert. I sang this song to both of my boys when they were little (both adults now). It was our nightly bedtime routine. Here’s Bitter Green.

This Bob Dylan classic has been covered by many including Olivia Newton-John, and George Harrison. In this song, the singer is telling his sweetheart that she means everything to him, and that without her he wouldn't have anything and nowhere to go. She holds up his entire world - this is how I feel about my sweetheart! This is "If Not For You".

Here’s my version of James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James.”

My new strategy for covering songs with instrumentals is to sing 'na na na na' šŸ˜… Anyway, this week's song is "I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song" by Jim Croce. It's a really nice soft rock song.

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do Santa Claus Is Coming To Town! On YouTube, it's my highest viewed Christmas videos out of all the recent Christmas songs. Stay tuned for a great Burl Ives Christmas Classic on Sunday!

Gregory Swain, Jonathan Ison, Dave Chan, and I had the awesome opportunity to play at the "Trailblazer Music Festival". This concert series was created by our talented friend Jared Christopher Stafford and took place at CFWI The Armoury, one of the coolest venues! Here we are performing Gregory Swain's original song "Falling". And yes, we are mint in box action figures šŸ¤£

Haven’t done a looper song in awhile, so here’s April Wine’s “You Could Have Been A Lady” on guitar, mandolin and bbq skewers.

Crazy little thing called love (cover)

Good song choice well done

Eight Days A Week Beatles cover! It seems they predicted the eight day weeks now!

Working on some recent songs to round out my set list. If you haven’t heard of him look him up..


One Cover Song - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot When I finished recording The Grey Ghost my mind turned to another song about the Great Lakes. I've done my own version of this song using a mix of the original and the 'new' lyrics.

I remember back in the early 1990’s when this Canadian teenager released a couple of dance/pop albums, winning the Juno Award for most promising female vocalist in 1992. She became tired of being referred to as the Canadian Debbie Gibson and moved to LA to record a new album with producer Glen Ballard. I remember being so impressed with her transformation, going from heavily produced music to a raw emotional sound. Jagged Little Pill went on to sell 33 million copies worldwide and earned her 5 Grammy Awards. This is a cover of Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket”.

Where have all the flowers gone/Pete Seeger

Anymore /Travis Tritt

Fresh translation cover from The Draft āœŒ

November 15th #virtualopenmic begins now and runs for 24 hours. Use this time to post your fabulous music! ... See MoreSee Less


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Better late than never. Sorry I gab so much! Lonely I guess! Question: does any one more technical than I am know how to record with simple speaker as mine is that seems to hiss a lot. Or is it my cheap microphone? I just bought two good ones so will use next time. And maybe get a better speaker? This one is a small Fender. Thanks for feedback! šŸ™‚

This is such a positive song by Jason Mraz - Look for the Good.

Here’s a different version of “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” on my old Kay electric and with a drum track.

A classic from Curly Putman, made famous by Tom Jones, is the song i always think of upon hearing of the passing of someone special to me. To Rick "Ripper" Trimble, Cathy Sanvido & Mr. Peter Simpson. RIP and Thankyou for the memories...

“Mary Jane’s Last Dance” by Tom Petty. Harmonica tip - this song uses “third position.” What is third position, you may ask? The song is in Am, which is the relative minor to C. C would be the “straight harp” key, with the song and the harmonica in the same key. A lot of songs, particularly blues, use “cross harp,” which uses the 4th or F harmonica in the key of C. The least common harmonica in C would be the 5th or G harmonica, aka “third position.” You can’t (easily) get the harmonica part for this song right unless you use a G harp.

"Well I've been afraid of changing cause I've build my life around you." That's my favorite line from the song, 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac. I didn't quite like it at first, but I feel like this is one of those songs you dont just listen to, but feel. I practiced this song in the original key, but when recording it, I suddenly decided to move the capo up. Same song, different feel.

Here’s She Loves You by the Beatles!

This Gordon Lightfoot song is from his 1971 “Summer Side of Life” album recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a cover of “Go My Way”.

This is Whispering Rain by Murray McLauchlan.

Hi everybody! Owen here. Today, I would like to do my first Christmas original called Elves' Vacation. Stay tuned for Wednesday as I do another great Christmas song!

New release from my 12 year old daughter Sabrina Barreto Music. Hope you enjoy!!

Some retro, band I was in 5-6 years ago.

L’Italiano (cover)

Gregory Swain with his original "Mother of Mystery" with Tom Neale on lapsteel šŸŽ¶

Two Cover Songs about Prohibition Booze Smugglers The Grey Ghost - John Loucks The Ballad of Thunder Road - Robert Mitchum. ------------------------------------------------- When I heard John Loucks sing his song "The Grey Ghost" I immediately wanted to sing it and match it with another of my favourite songs. They are both about smuggling booze in the Prohibition era. I've posted Thunder Road to this group before This is a new recording.

I'm so excited to share with you my first ever collaboration with another songwriter/artist. His name is Adriel Rivera. He is a 19 year old independent artist/producer from the southwest suburbs of Chicago that writes pop music.

Harmonica and Happiness (well not the song themes but rather my feelings when listening : ) fill our 70th episode! Go check it out for yourself! Then share everyone's music!

Please check out my song Reality Demons Live @ Richmond Tavern October 25, 2020šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘šŸ»šŸ»ā¤ļøšŸŽ¼

November 11th, Remembrance day, and #virtualopenmic day. Post your music, within the next 24 hours. Please and Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less


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In light of Remembrance Day, here's a repeat of my cover of John Prine's Sam Stone .. Thanks to the brave men and women who gave/give so much .. šŸŒŗ

Love Me Do ! By the Beatles!

“Catfish John” was written by a couple of Nashville songwriters back in the 1960s, but the better known versions are by Grateful Dead, and more recently Alison Krauss and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. A funky drummer or two is needed for the Grateful Dead version, so this is more like Alison Krauss’s cover. Sadly, this is probably the last song I will record outside this year - beautiful day!

Been a while, but I’m back with a great Chris Stapleton song “I Was Wrong”.

Two Cover Songs about life on the road Leaving On A Jet Plane - John Denver Homeward Bound - Paul Simon

A song about Australian involvement in the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign in WWI. Written by Eric Bogle, “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda” has been called the best anti-war song ever written. I messed the words up a bit, but this is a hard song to get through even once, let alone twice.

The renegades (cover)

Lest we forget. This is a cover of Jim Croce’s “Hey Tomorrow”

Gigi Gostas original song {Killing me).

Lest we forget. I wanted to find a song about Remembrance Day for today's open mic. I thought back to last year this day where I sang "Highway of Heroes" by the Trews. It was sooo cold that day! Hopefully everything clears up soon and we can get back to normal!

Redoing old songs, discovering new songs, its all part of the adventure. Remember, most of us had never met until we started this Virtual World, so whatever you share will be something new to us! The important thing is to keep sharing your music, its what keeps us going! "It's Been Awhile" by Staind

Monkey Wrench covering the Foo Fighters

Gregory Swain's original song "The Truth in My Hand"

Here's an older tune I'd dropped from the setlist quite a while ago, but maybe I'll resurrect. We recorded 2 versions on our 2017 EP - this one with me singing: and this one with my friend Vanessa Lio Music singing: Both versions backed by The Pick Brothers Band. I know, where's the happy ending?

It's a beautiful day for music! (said everyday)šŸŒž November 8th #virtualopenmic šŸŽ¤ You have 24 hours (and 20 min) to post YOUR MUSIC!! YAY! ... See MoreSee Less


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Hey all, had to rush this song this week ...;) but this is one of my favorite Rihanna oldies (besides 'Stay'). This is 'Take A Bow' on the guitar!

Here's my cover of Neil Young's Powderfinger .. my grandsons were over the moon hearing it live from TJ's last night .. thanks Stef for Livestreaming .. family from coast to coast tuned in .. Victoria, Ottawa, Kitchener, Burlington, Halifax, Happy Valley (Labrador), Mt Albert, Newmarket at last count šŸ„°

From Me To You by the Beatles !- From is to you!

Hi everyone. I recorded a song which I want to dedicate to my late mother. We lost her a couple months ago and things got a bit tough. Playing music has really been helping me and my family during these times. I hope this song can help you out as well and bring some comfort to whatever you're going through. Have a great day.

When looking for songs to post, I’ve found myself revisiting favourite songs from my past that I never tried playing. My last post, Murray McLauchlan’s “On the Boulevard”, was one of those. This is another, and another McLauchlan song as well. This is a lament of a musician’s life on the road, often so far from loved ones. This is a cover of “So Far from You”.

Hi everybody! Owen here. Here's a Glenn Frey tribute that I did. Hope you enjoy! Hope you all have a great day!

Original song Weary . With Gigi Gostas & Bill Hudson I'll put some of her songs soon shes a great songwriter.

This song is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, from the City of Angels soundtrack. When I was a kid I think Scarborough Town Centre had it showing for $2? I didn't watch it though, my parents watched it while I sat in the food court playing on my old Game Gear lol.

I'm blue, riff on Yamaha MOTIF

Quite a few of my songs work as bluegrass, but this one was definitely written to be a bluegrass song. Could use banjo, mandolin and thumping doghouse bass.

A new original song from Gregory Swain "Lonely Misanthrope" Tshirt designed and provided by Ben Green!

See? Even my cat wants to be part of this fabulous community! Create, Post, Watch, Share, Repeat!! (And why don't you have a little icecream to congratulate yourself for being so fab!) "Who I Am" by Jessica Andrews

Two Cover Song - Songs of War and Peace If I Had A Rocket Launcher - B.Cockburn I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing - B.Backer, B.Davis, R.Cook , R.Greenaway ------------------------------------------------------ This time I decided to make the video look like I was at a real open stage, with nothing but a brick wall and Steffi's sign. I really miss going onstage. ------------------------------------------------------- I sat down to record, flipped through my book of cheat sheets and found Rocket Launcher. I recorded it and then couldn't decide on a matching song. For a moment I considered The Beatles / Revolution but I'd already recorded that one. Thinking of Revolution brought to mind the bit where John says, 'Count me out ( in )". That's when I realized what the second song should be. ------------------------------------------------------ If I Had A Rocket Launcher - Bruce Cockburn I learned this song when I found it in a book while idly perusing in a music store. I took a guitar down from the shop wall. Practiced the song like 4 times in a row and wrote it all up as a cheat sheet once I got home. It's a particularly easy song and very dramatic so it's one of my top favourites to play. ------------------------------------------------------- I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing - B.Backer, B.Davis, R.Cook , R.Greenaway This song started out as a wooden puppet but was turned into a real boy. Opps.. I mean, it started out as a Coke commercial and was turned into a real song. In any case, it is a wonderful sentiment whether it was born in a the heart of a sinner or a saint. šŸŽ¶

Back in the day this song was killer, used on Miami Vice and others. I still have vivid memories of driving up the DVP and we all played air drums...its a keeper, will keep working on it.

November 4th #virtualopenmic
Your music make the world a beautiful place to be, fill it up! You have 24 hours šŸŒā˜®šŸŽµ
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Here’s Danny’s Song ! Dedicated to the memory of our cousins Danny and Florence!

An old Pink Anderson song called “Travellin’ Man” - a few others did it, including Roy Bookbinder, Stefan Grossman and Doc Watson. I probably don’t have to tell the musical cognoscenti that Pink Floyd took their name from the first names of Pink and another old blues man, Floyd Council.

Two Cover Songs - Songs about crushed dreams and disappointment Taxi - Harry Chapin The River - Bruce Springsteen ---------------------------------- Taxi Such a sad song but written so eloquently. ----------------------------------- The River After I finished Taxi I immediately flipped my book over to The River. I knew they were connected. ----------------------------------- Sometimes, things don't work out in life. In my view, dreams are a natural extension of the human condition. They are the reason to go on even when you think there is no hope. Striving and searching give meaning to life.

Here's an artist I haven't done before yet, this is my take on Donovan's "Catch the Wind". Didnt know how I was going to go at it at first, but in the end I decided to strip it down into a real acoustic one.

here's my cover of Damien Rice's 9 Crimes ..

This original song goes back to Gregory Swain's youth, when the seasons made more sense šŸ˜ and terms meant nothing but what they meant. "Indian Summer"

Gloria (cover)

Time for another Murray McLachlan cover. This is “On the Boulevard”.

A song I created a year ago about reconciliation for indigenous and European people in Canada. I haven’t played it since I moved here to York Region just before the pandemic hit, so it is particularly meaningful to me. I still hope to use it in a play as part of a fun evening I will host celebrating and sharing about indigenous culture while supporting reconciliation....once the pandemic a la crazy government controlling ends that is! Anyway, enjoy my creation! šŸ„°

So fun! I love this! Thanks!

Peruvian composer Daniel Alomia Robles wrote the orchestral piece in 1913 based on traditional Andean music. Since then it has been estimated that around the world more than 4,000 versions of the melody have been produced, along with 300 sets of lyrics. In 2004 Peru declared this song as part of their national heritage. Both Daniel Milchberg and Paul Simon have been credited with this version’s lyrics. Her is “El Condor Pasa (If I Could)”.

Peruvian composer Daniel Alomia Robles wrote the orchestral piece in 1913 based on traditional Andean music. Since then it has been estimated that around the world more than 4,000 versions of the melody have been produced, along with 300 sets of lyrics. In 2004 Peru declared this song as part of their national heritage. Both Daniel Milchberg and Paul Simon have been credited with this version’s lyrics. Here is “El Condor Pasa (If I Could)”. Stay strong. Stay safe.

It's a challenge, learning all these new songs and learning not to be so twitchy on camera šŸ¤© But watching our community growing makes it all worth it! Share share share šŸ˜ "The Needle and the Damage Done" by Neil Young

And now, something Jazzy by Randy Bachman! Stay tuned for a Glenn Frey Eagles tribute song on Sunday for his Belated Heavenly birthday (Nov 6).

November 1st #virtualopenmic begins now and runs for 24hours! Post your music šŸŽ¶ and Rabbit Rabbit! ... See MoreSee Less


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Hi everyone! Im looking for a virtual vocal coach to hire to assess my range and give me a working plan for improvements. I am doing campfire songs with a guitar. Thank you!!

Two Original Songs Drink and Honey Baby -------------------------------- Drink A Romantic song about letting love fill up your life. -------------------------------- Honey Baby A fun and silly song that I love to sing. When we were kids we'd laugh at the idea that the ankles were ever considered provocative. Somehow this morphed in the joke that elbows were also 'naughty bits'. This will hopefully explain the weird line of.. “I’d love to kiss your elbows baby, love to rub your feet" or at least a partial explanation for the inexplicable.

This week's cover is my new discovery, Fleetwood Mac. I didnt really know how I wanted to do this one at first, and it definitely grew on me this week. Here is "Dreams"!

Please Please Me by the Beatles!

Peace Train by Cat Stevens

We had a “blue moon” tonight, so someone had to do this one. It was originally a 3/4 time waltz before Elvis sped it up and recorded it in 4/4 as the B side of his first single. This take combines the two.

I love the melody of this song.

Here's a cover of Blackberry Smoke's One Horse Town .. enjoy .. thanks for comments from last submission ..

I’ve been hearing this song a lot lately so I figured that was the Universe’s way of telling me to do a cover. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, one of my all time favourites

My 12 year old daughter 's (Sabrina Barreto) cover of Anyone (Demi Lovato)

Backside of the Storm original song.

A ghost story for Halloween! Not really, “The Grey Ghost” is about a boat and the prohibition-era business of smuggling liquor from Port Dover, Ontario to Erie, Pennsylvania. The US coast guard called the unmarked boats that were used “grey ghosts.” The fastest of the smuggling boats had twin 400 HP Liberty aircraft engines. I made up the main character, but all the other place names and historical references are real.

Happy together(cover)

Mixing, guitars, tone, bands...

Another song by the band America. This is a cover of “Lonely People”.

Hi everybody! Owen here. Here's Freaky Halloween by me! Stay tuned for a jazzy Randy Bachman song this Wednesday.

"Harris and the Mare" by Stan Rogers written for a CBC radio show, sung by Gregory Swain. Well how much more Canadian do you get? (Maybe he had just finished drinking a Moosehead while snowshoeing into the Prarie.... That's a Canadian thing right? šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦ )

Ok its November, the earth is still revolving and we are still making music. I believe we will be alright ā˜® "Still Crazy After All These Years" by Paul Simon

October 28th #virtualopenmic
Join us for our 65th Episode!!
Post your music here for the next 24 hours!!
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Hey hope everyone is well .. here's my cover of Neil Young's Hey Babe .. enjoy .. may have to adjust volume .. šŸ˜€

Here’s the song “ The Best Things In Life Are Free! From the 1927 Broadway show Good News - 93 years old ! I dare you to sing it an open mic!

Let’s get to the point... Tom Petty’s “Let’s Get to the Point.” I’m also going to attach another version of the original song I posted last week.

A little Covidian humour šŸ˜·, written earlier this year. Click "Show More" to see lyrics.

Sweeping the Spotlight Away by Murray McLauchlan

I can't believe I haven't done this one yet, this is Cyndi Lauper's 'Time After Time'

It’s Eagles Wednesday! (OK, I totally made that up). I haven’t done one of theirs for a while. This is Best of My Love. Hope you like it.

Stand by me (Preghero’)

Hi everybody! Owen here. Here's Woman Tonight by America. Stay tuned for Sunday as I do a spooky Halloween original!

These 3 Americans met and got their start in London, England; they were all sons of US military personnel stationed there. Their band was named after the Americana jukebox in the local mess hall. They also picked it because they didn’t want people thinking they were British musicians trying to sound American. This is a cover of America’s “Daisy Jane”.

Gregory Swain "Congrats Steffi, our stalwart Den Mother of the live music community in Richmond Hill šŸ˜ For #65: this is an Ian Tamblyn tune, Low Coast Road, that morphs into a Swainsong original instrumental, Lightfoot's Lament. Story enclosed :)"

65! Who knew we would still be online? But we have met so many fabulous musicians here there is no reason to stop! "Coming Back to You" sung by me in the style (kinda) of Jennifer Warnes from the Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Two Covers by Open Mic Musicians You're My - B.Charendoff Back To The Roots - G.Swain ----------------------------------- You're My - Bryan.Charendoff Bryan had given me 5 songs to pick from. This was the one that was closest to my style. I changed it a little bit but mostly I just sped it up. Keep an eye out for his upcoming a.Part{of} presentation -------------------------------------- Back To The Roots - Gregory Swain There were 4 songs on Gregory's soundclick page. I picked the album's title track, 'Back To The Roots' as the most representative of his style. Due to the title and theme of this song I did it in my most basic one man band arrangement. Playing like this really brings me back to my roots I learned how to perform while street singing. I'd go out with a guitar, harmonica and a tambourine that I would kick and stomp with my foot. -------------------------------------- This video wraps up this series for a while. You can watch the entire compilation here

From Alt Vox

Check this amazing project from our good friends Ian Marc and Sara Perez ā¤

It's October 25th, do you know where your #virtualopenmic is?
It's here!!!!! Post your music for the next 24 hours!
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Here is my solo cover on P!nk and Nate Ruess' "Just Give Me a Reason"

Here’s a couple I felt like doing: Gordon Lightfoot, the title track off his Don Quixote album and The Little River Band - Cool Change.

A little slice of Canadiana... A song about the darker side of our notorious Yonge Street, as set in the 70’s & 80’s This is: “Ol Lady Yonge”

Peter Frampton wrote this song on the beach ( or so he told Howard Stern). Here is Baby I Love Your Way.

I’m with Paul McCartney. You can never get enough of silly love songs! So let the sap begin! This is a cover of Train’s “Marry Me”.

Love me Do by the Beatles !!

Two Cover Songs (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace Love and Understanding - Nick Lowe I've Got A Name - N.Gimbel - C.Fox ------------------------------------ Both of these songs have the distinction of being very closely related to a famous songwriter, but they are actually covers. ------------------------------------ (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace Love and Understanding - Nick Lowe Covered famously by Elvis Costello this song was originally done as almost a folk song. Elvis turned it into a proto-punk hit. I'm sort of doing a cross between these styles by playing it punk style on an acoustic guitar. I play this song with all my hopes that the election down south goes by without any violence. ----------------------------------- I've Got A Name - N.Gimbel and C.Fox Jim Croce made this song a hit but it was written by a songwriting team. I've always loved this song. It's not a song that lends itself to street singing but it’s wonderful at parties.

I wrote this song back in 1995 and had put it away for most of the time since, pulling it out in the last few days to be recorded for my YouTube project (I’m still picking away at recording my original songs and this is song #10). “Down in Winnipeg” deals with a tough subject, which is probably the reason I hadn’t played this one for 20 years, but sadly the problem of homelessness persists. I would like to hear this one with accordion or violin.

Original song, which is collaboration between number of artists. Vocals and lyrics are mine. Enjoy šŸ˜Š

Some zen music I did a while ago

A little Halloween original song Skeletons

Get back (cover)[0]=AT3dkuLreTPIBjiCBOznvsP_nc5hM4Vx4PaxQwGnkCZgynsGjtcb84hnrk5imA1tqu4Zci1Jo6A9q3yr6Lv3ms2h5Uk6HAadudraI6Hvn3CLrEgLOo2UyVxUQAwmtOe_J6PGtWPEUykZS-1-MY1JfxvzLg

Hi everybody! Owen here. Here's One Of These Nights by Eagles. Stay tuned for Wednesday for a great America song!

My band Hot Apollo live!

Welcome to our new players and "old" regulars :) there are some super duper creative songs and videos, seriously, check them all out! "Thank You" by Dido

Gregory Swain doing a Steven Stills cover "4 + 20". šŸ˜Ž a

....#virtualopenmic for Wednesday October 21st. So once it is that day you will have 24 hours to post your music šŸŽ¶ (I am posting a bit early so you might have 26 hours if that makes you happy šŸ™‚ ... See MoreSee Less


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Here is my cover of Joan Baez's "Diamonds and Rust". I believe this is her famous one about Bob Dylan. Nonetheless, they're both folk legends!

This one’s for a young friend who just celebrated one year of sobriety. The fact that she’s done it during COVID, and dealing with loss and health issues is nothing short of amazing. It speaks of a strength of character and unwavering perseverance. This young lady is teaching me much about not giving up. Here’s I Can See Clearly Now.

This song was named one of the 100 most performed songs of the 20th century. This is a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Two Covers Songs. Brother Louie - E.Brown - T. Wilson St. James Infirmary - Traditional These are a couple of songs that are great for projecting across a busy street. --------------------------------------- Brother Louie - E.Brown - T. Wilson Introduced by Hot Chocolate in the UK and then covered by The Stories in the US all in 1973. The Wikipedia article is interesting. Great song for singing and dancing. Makes for a great stage show also excellent for attracting a crowd when street singing. --------------------------------------- St. James Infirmary - Traditional It was a coolish summer evening and I went out in the back yard and sang to myself after dinner. I posted it on my personal page that night but I never got around to posting it here to the group. Hope you enjoy this very laid back version of a traditional song.

Here is Never Love Again from the movie A Star is Born šŸ™‚

And here’s some “Whiskey in the Jar”

Summertime (cover)

Original Song - Long Way Home If you like it check out my EP on all streaming platforms Artist Name is Running Profiles

Some CanCon - although some people on the rock might disagree! (I’m just glad that Newfoundland let us join them) Here’s my version of “Consequence Free” by Great Big Sea. Includes a line appropriate for the virtual open mic - “Wouldn’t it be great if the band just never ended?”

Delovely by COLE Porter!!

Autumn leaves by WongMo Trio. Recorded with our zoom cam on last Saturday.

Keep Me In Your Heart by Warren Zevon

Gregory Swain with his original "Yours for the Taking" is about his first "dear john" letter. But don't worry, I think he was over it by the time he finished writing the song āœŒ

Midnight seems to be getting later and later šŸ’¤ We used to live that rock star life, out till 2am - up at 2pm. Quarantine has made me sleepy. Well this has nothing to do with all your fabulous music, that's the only reason I stayed up as late as I did šŸ¤£ "No One Is to Blame" by Howard Jones

Here's an original and also a collaboration with a poet from the U.S. Hope you'll enjoy this :)

Check out my new song You’re Not There with video on YouTube available now (the acoustic version)šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘šŸ»ā¤ļøšŸŽ¼ #jadebennettsmusic #YoureNotThere #indie #singersongwriter #womenofmusic #ldnontmusic #forestcity

October 18th #virtualopenmic is ready to share your music with our community! 24 hours should be enough time to post 1 fantastic song! ... See MoreSee Less


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Ok so my voice is a bit scratchy so I just did the melody to Green, Green Rocky Road by Dave Van Ronk (covered by Oscar Isaac for Inside Llewyn Davis) I did another song where I actually sang but I need a better place to play because I'm too bad šŸ˜“Be kind lol stay safe everyone

I played “Stray Cat Strut” at the live open mic yesterday, with Michael Howitt on guitar.

Here is my take on The Muppets' theme song, 'Rainbow Connection'. Its a simple yet hopeful piece. If only I had a banjo!

Two covers songs about being unlovable. At Seventeen - J.Ian - Billy McDaniels - M.McLauchlan ----------------------------------------- Both of these songs really were important to me as I grew up. Janis Ians's song describes the feelings involved perfectly. Somehow this very sad song always could cheer me up because it let me know that I wasn't the only one in the entire world who felt that way. Murrary McLauchlan's song always gave me hope when I was feeling unloved and unlovable. Somehow I also have a weird image in my mind that Billy McDaniels ends up marrying Janis Ian.

The Gift . Original song.

Jumping jack flash (cover)

Original song by my 12yo daughter. So proud of her!

Catch the Wind (Donovan)

Cortez the Killer (Neil Young)

Here’s the song we think the Beatles wrote for Rodney Dangerfield - Nowhere Man!

The Monkees had the biggest selling single of 1967 with this song. Smash Mouth covered it in 2001 in the soundtrack of the movie “Shrek”. The song was written by Neil Diamond, who had a hit or two of his own. This is a cover of “I’m a Believer”.

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (Bob Dylan)

Before the day is over I’m going to sneak in an original song. We used to jam in a barn near Otterville, Ontario (Oxford County) back in the 1990s, pretty much exactly like the song says. In my head the harmonica is a fiddle.

Gregory Swain with a cover of Bob Dylan's "Buckets of Rain"

I remember being called to the school auditorium one Monday morning in 1975...told that two fellow schoolmates and highschool sweethearts were killed in a Friday night crash. This is: "Small Town Dreams"

Another beautiful 24 hours of music has past, and the support you all show each other makes it that much more beautiful! Make sure to check out all the posts and add a "like" and a nice comment if you haven't already šŸ¤© You can see the posts on in the "Virtual Music" section! Keep being the kind musical souls I know you are šŸ˜

Since I was late last time I figured I should be early today šŸ™‚ so let's say it is now Wednesday October 14th and so time for #virtualopenmic! You have 24 or 25 hours to post your music, depending on the timezone in your heart ā¤ ... See MoreSee Less


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I did this one at the live open mic in September. “Mr. Spaceman” is a great singalong song by The Byrds.

I flipped to this song when I was flipping through a piano book, and I thought, "I can sing this too!". Although Audrey Hepburn's and Andy Williams' versions are very different, I think they are equally good in their own ways. Here is my hybrid version of 'Moon River'

This song is about Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS who killed himself in 1997. He and Bono were close friends. The song is both a tribute to Hutchence and a message of understanding, letting anyone going through a rough time know that it will pass. Here is Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of by U2.

Here’s a cover of a song by Bernard Shakey and Crazy Horse - “Sail Away”

A light hearted song about getting high to the music of the 70's. It's called "Needle Down"

Here’s King of the Road!

Since I couldn't choose just one. This was too much fun to pass up!


Plan to start making videos again in a while, for now just recording audio only.

Remember : The early worm gets eaten

Dedicating this to my adorable grandson.

This is a song I sang at our younger daughter’s wedding back in 2018. It’s based on the melody of “O Waly, Waly”, a folk song of Scottish origins dating back to the 1600’s. It’s had various lyrical versions over the years, including “The Water is Wide”, popularized by Pete Seeger during the folk revival. The lyrics on this version is from a 1983 hymn text by Brian Wren. This is “When Love is Found”.

Although they agreed that no matter who actually wrote the song, both would get credit. This one is mostly Paul McCartney but John Lennon's influence is definitely felt. Paul wrote this after his tumultuous five year relationship with Jane Asher - lyrically it is a departure from their earlier work. This one is more personal and mature, and perhaps bitter. A fun fact - the melody for Saturday in the Park (Chicago) was based on this song. Here is You Won’t See Me.

This Bob Dylan classic is anything but a simple love song. It seems the narrator is anticipating the final goodbye of his lover - as in her future death. He tells of how love used to be for him, what it is now, and how it might continue to be. Here is You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.

Gregory Swain covering "Wondering Where the Lions Are" by Bruce Cockburn. You Canadians can sing along :)

I am really digging the stories that many of you have added to your posts, most of the song info is totally new to me! It's all about sharing and growing šŸ¤© I have no real song info to share except for some reason I remembered all the words to this song that I sang last in 1982. "The Story in Your Eyes" by The Moody Blues

Will and Bri Will Surphlis Music Like our pages for more content!!! ā˜®ļøā¤ļøšŸŽ¶

2 months ago

York Region Open Mic

Sunday October 11 #virtualopenmic
My apologies to my lovely early birds šŸ¦ midnight disappeared. But 24 hours from now would be cool šŸ˜Ž so GO and post thine music!
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And now for some stand up from our friend Randy Lopatin!

Autumn is such a gorgeous time of the year and my favourite season. This song, although sad, has such lovely lyrics. One of my favourite lines of any song is “Through autumn’s golden gown we used to kick our way...” what imagery. Originally sung by Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, this Forever Autumn.

I usually change the key of Neil Young songs, but I left this one as written - it’s really high! An early one from the tail end of the Buffalo Springfield era, this is “I Am a Child.” Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Destiny. original song . a couple years ago lost a dear friend in recovery to addiction have also lost friends and family to drugs and alcohol, This song is for them. they weren't bad people. they got in and couldn't get out. Love you Tink.

Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell

Hey all, this is my take on "500 Miles". My dad introduced the Joan Baez version to me, but I personally liked Peter Paul and Mary's version better ;) so mine was inspired by theirs!

You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go by Bob Dylan

Paese (cover)

Here’s Yesterday by the Beatles which they wrote for us to become our theme song and life story!

A little ditty by Gregory Swain called "Sunday Morning"

Rainbow-(Excerpt)Kasey Musgraves

It’s Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful I’m alive and can sing my heart out. I’m thankful for the wonderful family and friends that give me so much love, support and encouragement. I’m thankful for my beautiful wife. Here’s one I’ve always wanted to do. Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush. I do not own the rights to this song. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦šŸ’•šŸŽ¶

Two songs made to evoke a mood. One Original , One Cover Just In Love - TMC Hazy Shade of Winter - P.Simon ------------- Just in Love This is a new performance of a song I've posted before. ------------- Hazy Shade of Winter. Absolutely love this song from the first time I heard it. So dramatic and filled with perfect little images.

Another Roger Whittaker song, this time set in England during World War II. It was a modest hit in the UK when it was first released in 1969. It was rereleased in North America in the wake of the success of his biggest hit, “The Last Farewell”, and peaked at #8 on the RPM Pop Music Playlist in Canada in 1976. This is a cover of “Durham Town (The Leavin’)”.

Hey everyone! Here's one of my songs! Love to hear what you think :)

Happy Thanksgiving! Times are strange but as long as we have our friends and family and community and music, online-in person-in our hearts, well then we can get through anything! Go check this great collection of music out and share! "Anticipation" by Carly Simon

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