Virtual Open Mic

September 16th #virtualopenmic because without music, life would be a mistake! šŸŽµ
You have 24 hours to post your songs!! šŸ¤©
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School starting is definitely making me more busy, but hey, there's always time for music! Here's a personal Katy Perry favorite of mine, enjoy the accoustic version of "The One That Got Away"

Here’s a Bob Dylan favourite of mine...I Shall Be Released.

You are a perfect rainbow šŸŒˆ

Taking Care of Business (cover)

Gordon Lightfoot wrote this song for his first two children. I wanted to do this one because, as of yesterday, I am a proud grandfather. Mother and son (and father!) are all doing fine. I look forward to playing this for our grandson Jayce as often as he’ll let me. This is a cover of “The Pony Man”.

The Pajamas tapes! In an unselfish effort to get more views for the worlds best virtual open mic we have recorded this song in our PJ’s ! If this doesn’t work - next time Mike will be pajamas less! Butt ,Butt we all don’t want to see that ! So share all the videos!

Thinking About You by Radiohead.

Here’s “Rambling Man” by The Allman Brothers

60 second original song so match the modern attention span lol

Once, twice, three times a PPP!! šŸ˜† It's our 3rd time at this location! Join us for 90 minutes of musical fun! Welcome to PORCH PIANO PERFORMANCES with Donavon LeNabat!!šŸŽ¹šŸŽ¶ Tips are sexy, so are shares.šŸ˜ā¤šŸ˜˜ THANK YOU for supporting live music! šŸŽ¶šŸŽµšŸŽ¶ #porchpianoperformances #livemusic #toronto #teamDonoMel

Ok kids so some of our musicians post past midnight, yeah me included šŸ˜ So make sure you all go back the day after and watch the videos you may have missed! And if you like them show your love (or like šŸ‘) šŸ˜Ž And then share the post on your page for more exposure for everyone! - virtual-open-mic "Where to Now St. Peter?" by Elton John

"Rythm of the Paddle" by Gregory Swain Wonder what that's about šŸ¤”

“Dead Flowers” by The Rolling Stones.

Don Valley Jail - Stompin Tom Connors Sudbury Saturday Night - Stompin Tom Connors ----------------------------------------- I had so much fun doing these two songs. I've always loved Stompin' Tom. What a great songwriter. Definitely Canada's Hank Williams. Don Valley Jail I live within walking distance of the actual Don Jail. While I was recording the song, Nancy went on a walk and took the pictures I used in the video. I really changed the arrangement and tempo quite a bit. Sudbury Saturday Night When I was a teenager I lived in a tiny apartment. I started to practice playing guitar out on the corner of Yonge and Dundas or over at Queen and Spadina in front of the Horseshoe Tavern. I'd bring a bag of harmonicas and a big tambourine I could kick with my foot and do that whole one man band thing. In both of these videos I'm playing percussion with set of foot pedals. Sudbury Saturday Night is/was a very popular song to sing out on the streets of Toronto. Doing this song really brought me back to being 17.

It's the September 13th #virtualopenmic, do you know what you are going to play??
I'm sure what ever it is will be great!
You have 24 hours šŸ¤©ā¬‡ļøā˜®
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I’ve wanted to do this for a while. A tribute to IZ, whose song this will always be. R.I.P. beautiful man, you’re Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Here's some Pearl Jam - "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town"

It’s September! Time to Get Back to School! Get Back to work! Get Back to the best virtual mic in the virtual world!

Sooo...have to make my contribution to the TV themes...Cheers!

Is it a sad song? But we felt happy when we jam this song together in a group.

My heart goes out to all the people in California, Oregon and Washington affected by the out of control wildfire. Please, let's all do our small part and reduce our own personal energy consumption to reduce the CO2 being release into our atmosphere. Every little bit helps. #WeMustChangeOurWays #LetsSaveTheEarth

I’m a big fan of Jeff Lynne and ELO. I couldn’t get this song out of my head so I thought I’d try recording it. This is a cover of “Can’t Get it Out of My Head”.

I recently wrote this fictional kind of poem/song called: Epiphany

Two Cover songs about industrial workers. Sixteen Tons - Merle Travis Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

Heres my music video hope you enjoy!!!! - PMC flow

This John Prine song is called “Spanish Pipedream” - not sure why

And CCR - “Lodi”

I played REM’s “The One I Love” a couple of weeks ago at Turtle Jack’s with Michael Howitt on guitar. Interesting thing about this song is that it has three almost identical verses, a chorus and no bridge.

Hope you like it šŸ™‚

CCR - “Lodi”

So the idea here is more story telling, capturing the moment, something that will tempt you to think about why he is walking aimlessly through the city with these lyrics looping through his mind...

I'd like to post in one more song because this is a great one. I did this for Gerry Beckley's birthday yesterday. He's one of the America (the band) members.

The Water Is Wide (Traditional Folk Song)

Hiding Place original song.

This is my 50th VOM submission (I have submitted over 50 songs!) I can't believe it. I must shout out Steffi Postol Goodfield for doing this platform and giving all of us somewhere to share our music during this crazy time. Speaking of what a time, I though it would be fitting to share this John Mayer song, which is over a decade old but is still relevant today. So I whipped out my electric guitar for my little loop pedal rendition of "Waiting On The World To Change". I'm still working on tweaking the song (and I believe the lyrics go "our GENERATION'S gonna rule the population, oopsie.) But nonetheless, I wanted to share this with all of you. I might revamp this in the future. So to the long timers and new VOM comers, let's keep making music!

A little over a week ago Toronto lost the founder of WEIRD TORONTO. Lex Gore was THE punk scene. She was fiercely intelligent and kind and a huge supporter of live music. The more we learn about her the more we mourn her loss. We wish her family peace in the knowledge that she will not be forgotten. Gregory Swain felt his original song "To all of my people" would be a fitting tribute.

Old Love by Eric Clapton and Robert Cray

September 9th #virtualopenmic! Post your music here for the next 24 hours!
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Being played in the woods where they “Turned Paradise into Lumber” some 30 years ago

Another song from a Disney movie... this is "You've Got A Friend In Me" from Toy Story

This song was recommended to me from my Spotify playlist, so I had to try it out. I think this is my first Nickelback song šŸ™ƒ. This is "Far Away" (accoustic of course, though it would be awesome if I could play the guitar and real drums at the same time šŸ˜…)

I used to host the Homemade Jam open mic at the Summerfolk Festival in Owen Sound. The crew that ran the stage would use this old bluegrass song called “North Wind” for a sound check.

Here’s I’m into Something Good - Herman’s Hermits - but written by - Carole King and Jeffrey Govin !

This one is hardcore, old school bluegrass, which I corrupted by adding harmonica. Bill Monroe, known as “the father of bluegrass,” wrote “Uncle Pen” about his Uncle Pendleton. Learned this from my dad’s record collection and haven’t played it in a long time. I fumbled the lyrics a bit, but decided another take likely wouldn’t help matters!

This is a request from one of our son-in-laws. I’ve accompanied others singing it, but I’ve never sang it myself. Here goes... anything for family! This is a cover of Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl”.

L’emozione non ha voce (cover)

Heres another I recorded over lunch...

Better late than never, right? Decided to continue with the movie theme. First time I’ve attempted this song so far from perfect, “The Way We Were”, Barbara Streisand, from the 1973 movie of the same name.

Two Cover Songs - One bit of doggerel about a cat Purple People Eater - The Kitty Song - Love Potion#9 ------------------------------------ Some silly songs this time. I sent a copy of the Kitty Song to a friend eariler this week and they said. " I thought I was the only person who sings to their cat" . I'm pretty sure , we're not the only ones.

Great anthem song, by Aussie John Farnham - You’re The Voice from 1986. Still so true today. We all have a voice. Sorry, but I didn’t have a bagpipe section to pull out for this one!

"I Wish Your Heart Could Love Me" another Gregory Swain original!

One more movie theme song, from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1969

REM/Losing my Religion.

This is an acoustic pop song that I wrote called Simply a Blues

I honestly don't think there is a more creative community, and best of all is the fun you all seem to be having! The music is in us and needs to be released and shared! To post or not to post šŸ¤” when we do this live it is what it is (could it be anything else?) But on our VOM we can be picky and keep trying till its perfect. Sometimes there is one part of a take you like better than another and it can get dizzying for an amateur like me. So I decided this has the best ending (feel free to fast forward to the last 15 seconds šŸ˜) "All I Want" Joni Mitchell

Crosby,Stills and Nash/Teach your children(how to prevent Covid)

Ooooooo I Need a Dirty Woman

Our musical weekend continues online NOW! September 6th #virtualopenmic! You have 24 hours to post your music, any kind, but i hear folks might be posting tv or movie themes, so join in if you're in the mood! (Today and Wednesday) ... See MoreSee Less


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Not TV related, but I thought I would also throw in a Lightfoot song as well for Michael Howitt. Enjoy!

"Oh, you let the wrong word slip, while kissing persuasive lips, odds are you won't live to see tomorrow." - Johnny Rivers. TV theme from the 1960’s.

Here’s BOth Sides Now Joni Mitchell

Here’s another tv theme song, the Mary Tyler Moore theme.... I was tempted to dig up my winter tam and toss it in the air.... but I couldn’t deal with the thought of digging up anything related to winter! šŸ˜

'Sitting on a Curb' a d'ale original Dedicated to those who are homeless The seeds were sown long before we see the results

Diamonds original song.

I had almost forgotten that I had this song in my repertoire, but I enjoy this song a lot, so here is 'Back To December'

So, Lamont Cranston came up with an idea to post themes from TV shows this week. The first one is from a TV series which ran from 1962 to 1971. The second is the theme for an animated TV series that ran from 1960 to 1966. Both lived on in reruns long after. Hope this brings back memories for “mature” listeners like me.

M*A*S*H *Suicide is Painless*

Ok, I’ll bite on the TV theme theme. If you don’t know this one from an iconic Canadian show of the 1960s you may need to surrender your citizenship, but I’ll give you a hint - the show featured celebrity guest stars, but the star’s name was “London.” Can’t sing this one very well, but it’s probably not a permanent addition to my repertoire!

Two Cover Songs - TV Themes Gilligan's Island Theme - S. Shwartz Brady Bunch Theme - S.Shwartz ------------------------------------------- I have a lot of little hobbies that I've been indulging in during lock down. I like to write and play songs, I like to learn new songs and I like make little videos. When I go to a real open mic I go so that I can test a new song on an audience. When the YROM started up I was able to mix my hobbies a little more. With each video I made, I started to play with the video stuff a little more each time. Cropping, adding special effects, green screen all the little tricks software will let you do. I had recently recorded the MASH Theme and I sort of got it into my head to do a collection of all the TV themes I know and make a little video of it. Maybe send it out to my family and friends for a laugh. I was talking to Michael Howitt about this project and he thought it sounded like a fun idea. We decided between us to put out some TV Themes on the same night just for fun. Then, later we decided to invite everyone in the YROM to participate. Some said yes, some said no and some didn't respond, just like when you throw an impromptu party. So, we're doing this in a very disorganized way and it's kinda haphazard and kooky. Just like all the fun stuff is !. Enjoy

Gregory Swain says he doesn't watch TV šŸ™„ so we will let him do one of his few covers :) "These Cold Fingers" by Bill Morrissey

Hi Steffi, thanks for continuing to provide an outlet... the theme today motivated me to pick up a guitar for the first time in months. This is my cover of Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas.

YAY šŸ„³ Community collaboration with our tv/movie themes. We will continue this on Wednesday in case you have a theme rolling round needing to be played! No rules though as our YROM VOM is for any and all the music you feel like sharing! And please remember to watch everyone's videos and SHARE IT ALL! so I am gonna cheat a bit and post a song I have posted before šŸ™€ but I am using a different ukulele and wearing the right t-shirt and well it just works with the theme šŸ¤© "Ballad of Serenity" from Firefly

I posted a TV theme song earlier today, but maybe this is a theme for a yet-to-be-made TV series? Made for TV movie? This original song is called “Whisper in the Wind.”