Virtual Open Mic

It is July 1st, Canada Day, and our #virtualopenmic! Join us from whatever country you are from! 24 hours of Maple syrup and Music! ⬇️🎤☮️⬇️ ... See MoreSee Less


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My favorite Canadian Born Singer just happens to be my daughter Dejah. Here is one of her originals.

Space Oddity by David Bowie (featuring Evan Corneil on guitar)

Marmalade/Reflections of my life.

What a fabulous day! And what amazing music from our community! We also got to support our friends at Turtle Jack's Vogell in Richmond Hill by playing some music for the patio goers, socially distanced of course! Here is Gregory Swain playing an original instrumental, well kindav a few he morphed together 😎 for those who don't know him he is not only a pretty darn good songwriter he is also a FABULOUS roadie and sound guy!

This is a song I wrote called "Falling For". The push-pull of love. I imagine cats entangled in a ball of twine. I will be releasing the recorded version at the end of the month. Would love your thoughts! Add me here, if you are into it!! or... (for updates!!) #acousticmusic #torontomusic #lockdownsongs #lovesongs

This piece is Barcarolle No.1 by Francis Kleynjans.

It’s Canada Day - so we’re singing Neil Young - heart of gold - with our favourite rhythm guitar player Adam !

Ohio.....I'ts a bit rough but enough is enough

Here's some good Canadian content... 3 Hour tour covering Kingston's own Tragically Hip with "Courage"

I Shall Be Released


Ahead By A Century

Both Sides Now

Here’s one I wrote about a girl from Alberta and a guy from the East Coast - guaranteed 100% CanCon - Happy Canada Day!

Elton John /Rocket Man

Second Canadian song. I’m in Saskatoon right now visiting my grandkids. This song is my favourite Tragically Hip song and Saskatoon the “Paris of the Prairies”, the city of bridges, is the backdrop for this one: Wheat Kings. I’ve always wanted to sing this one in Saskatoon itself!

While present me is away fishin' and stuff, here’s something a little different – former me performing at Late Fakirs’ “When the Hit Man Arrives" ( CD release gig in another universe a mere 7 months ago. We performed and partied at OpenStudio Art Café, located a few minutes’ walk from Frenchman’s Bay at the bottom of Liverpool Road in Pickering. (I highly recommend dropping by for coffee or a beer on the patio some sunny summer afternoon – the owner, my friend Michele Peters, and her staff will make you feel truly welcome!) And now, it’s sing-along time!... 🤠

Happy Birthday Canada. Here's my love and passion for Canada via this recorded live performance of "My Canada", in Canada's Birthday Town, Aurora on Canada Day. Hope you will enjoy this. Please Note: I have a new intern as my videographer. Overall, I think she did a wonderful job. But there are some shaky moments and some unknown glitches in the middle part of the video. Please just overlook those. Thanks Have a great Canada day !

Happy Canada Day eh! Posting two Canadian songs. This one is an alternate national anthem, played during minor hockey games in thousands of rinks across Canada. Stompin’ Tom Connor’s Good Ol’ Hockey Game.

This is an original I just finished called “You’re Not There”. Hope you like it.

One Original - One Cover Turn it Off - Thunder Road Two songs of loss. ------------------------------ Turn it Off is post break up song . A lot of fun to sing. -In Teenage Lament '74, Alice Cooper sings about 'I picked up my guitar to blast away the clouds". This is a song that will blast away all your clouds if you play it loud and angry enough. --------------------------------- Years ago, I picked up a collection of 'cars songs'. Most of the songs I'd heard before. Hot Rod Lincoln, Beep, Beep and the like and then there was this gem. Thunder Road. This is another song that is great fun to sing..

Duet with my mummy 🙂 It was amazing to be able to be a part of the Richmond Hill's 2020 Canada Day Daytime Show! My original song is featured at 3:46. Check it out!

June 28th #virtualopenmic and it is Sunday, in case you are as lost as I am! ⬇️☮️🎤⬇️ ... See MoreSee Less


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"And the memories bring back memories bring back you." This is Memories by Maroon 5

The Beatles/I should have known better

Sea of Love - I’ll swim in it!

The Byrds/Eight miles high

Here's a cover of John Prine's Sam Stone .. If you're a Prine fan and you haven't seen the tribute his wife hosted, it's available on YouTube .. his wife hosted and selected an interesting cast of characters that might leaving you asking "who knew?" .. anyway here's my cover .. enjoy 😀

Sweet Rain.. original song.

A tune by Daniel Padim, called Fantasy vs Reality. The genre is Finger style guitar, hope you guys enjoy!

Mustang sally (cover)

Make you feel my love

A rendition of Eric Clapton’s Bell Bottom Blues- by Pam Blankfort

Sorry I have been unable to join you all playing due to a throat issue that left me unable to sing. On recovery road now.

One Original Song I Don't Know - written for our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

I was working on something else, but it’s still a work in progress. So I’m back to my default Gordon Lightfoot setting! This is a cover of his 2004 song “Inspiration Lady”.

Gregory Swain went on a magical mystery tour with our friend David who recorded this moment! No amplification, just great acoustics! And of course an original song. 😎

“Sing Me Back Home”, Merle Haggard’s 1967 classic prison song, about the power of song. Not surprisingly, it features in the list of 100 saddest country songs ever written.

Here's an original that I wrote for a special young lady that was getting married.It's entitled "What Is Love?" Hope you will enjoy this.

I traded a bass for this electric guitar, so I thought I'd do a Chet Atkins tune on it, "Drive In" (written by Jerry Reed). I had to give up fingerstyle guitar a couple of years ago due to wrist problems, but this guitar feels pretty good. It's a 25 year old Yamaha Pacifica

Great Songwriters in our community, so great that even when they do covers you can totally see them creating that song! And that goes for all our singers! Make it your own! Watch and share!! "One and Only" by Adele, done my way...really, I meant to do it this way 😁✌

Here's a song I wrote with Don Caster called I Don't Wanna Hear It. Hope you like it.

‘Electricity’ from Billy Elliot

You've Got A Friend

"Luxury Living" by Gregory Swain out in the wilds of Richmond Hill!

#virtualopenmic June 24th Wednesday! Post your Music within the next 24 hours! ... See MoreSee Less


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Rocketeer Far East Movement Cover Hello Facebook Users. This is my fourth upload to IGTV and my third upload to Virtual York Region Open Mic. Song: Rocketeer Artist: Far East Movement Length: 4:18 Released: October 9, 2010 Album: Free Wired (Korea Version)

Another Lightfoot ballad. A lesser known song but it’s always been one of my favourites. This is a cover of “Your Love’s Return”.

I wrote this song of hope "BRAVE NEW WORLD" during isolation in March of this year...

Gregory Swain picking his way through his original song "Pink Sunrise". And check out that hat, all the way from Chicago!

Here's something a little different for me .. Making Pies by Patty Griffin .. which I first heard Ellie Goulding cover

My Darling Daughter Dejah Singing On & On by Erykah Badu.

Jesse Winchester’s “Brand New Tennessee Waltz”, from his first album released in 1970. Amazing songwriter right out of the gate! Happy St Jean Baptiste Day!

My take on Leo Sayer's 'More Than I Can Say'

Oops forgot the video “I swear “ best DM7 to G turnaround ever!

I don’t swear ever! But I swear we love Steffi’s open mics and virtual open mics!

Having fun with the electric and rockin’ out with some tremolo on the guitar to original “Ice Storm”

Alright I gave in and did a cover of nirvanas lithium

One Original Song - The Whole Man A song of longing.

Sweet Rain.Original song

The Byrds/Turn Turn Turn

Keep holding on - Avril Lavigne cover for my school's virtual graduation

‘Broadripple is Burning’ by Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s

La Spada nel cuore (cover)

Rolling Stones/Wild Horses

To commemorate the passing of this beautiful soul exactly six months ago, I'd like to share my cover of Bright Eyes in her honour. Hope you enjoy this.

Welcome to the June 17th edition of our world-famous #virtualopenmic! Wednesdays have never been more fun!
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Here's something a little different. "Michelle" by the Beatles for ukulele.

Riptide By Vance Joy Vocal Keyboard Cover Hello Facebook Users. This is my second IGTV upload and my first Virtual York Region Open Mic upload. Song: Riptide Length: 2:41 Released: May 21, 2013 Album: God Loves You When You're Dancing

A Lorica is an encircling prayer recited for protection. This song is based on the Lorica of St Patrick, written by Canadian Gayle Salmond and recorded by fellow Canadian Steve Bell, who we had the pleasure of seeing in concert in Unionville last year. This is a cover of “The Lorica”.

Wonderful as usual Gregory! You really give soul to the music!

My Daughter and I sing, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

We went to Elaine’s restaurant in New York in the eighties because they said the still popular then Woody Allen ate dinner there every night and he was there eating with Carol Channing and Gail met her !

Hi Guys - hope everybody's staying healthy and safe. Here's a new one called Railroad Song -

Here's an original I wrote about my mom. Hope you enjoy this

Here is my cover of the Carpenter's classic 'Top of the World'

Original Song – Bad Intentions When my kids were younger we’d make little home movies. During those years we made several movies about a character called RACHEL CARSON : LIBRARY COP This is the ‘villain's’” song from RC6 – The Musical

L’emozione non ha voce instr (cover)

Nothing says “I love you” like a banjo! Here’s an “Old School Banjo Tune”. Song copyright 2019 Gregory James Shields The banjo drowned out the vocal in a lot of places (after months of Quarantine neglect, it was excited to be out), so for those who can't lipread here are the lyrics. Been rattling around in my head all night Memories of things I didn’t do right Makes no difference what road I choose I get lost in clichéd blues When it gets too much I circle back to you Find shelter underneath your roof We set on your porch watch the rising moon I tell you that I love you in an old school banjo tune I used to be good lookin’ but time fixed that Weary eyes under a Stetson hat Rocked by a hard time lullaby Til you woke me up to shiny new life Didn’t bring you much but a checkered past But you took my heart and held it fast This song is from my heart to you Says I love you in an old school banjo tune When no one was lookin’ I hopped the fence Carved our initials in the old park bench Never was good at tellin’ how I feel But I’ll tell you a secret – you made life real Got a dead pan face but I ain’t dead yet I’m naked honest that’s what you get This is me being honest to you Sayin’ I love you in an old school banjo tune This is me being wild ‘bout you Lovin’ you in this old school banjo tune Lovin’ you in this old school banjo tune

"Mother of Mystery" by Gregory Swain, performed by Gregory Swain in my backyard 😎✌

Variety is the spice of life and music! Great spicy music today! Thank you all for joining us! Don't forget to watch and share and keep creating! So many great songwriters in our community so I figure where better to find my next cover! This is "Prarie Rose" by Gregory Swain, reimagined by me, performed in my backyard ☮

Jar of Hearts Vocal Keyboard Song Cover Hello Facebook Users. This is my third upload to IGTV and my second upload to Virtual York Region Open Mic. Song: Jar of Hearts Artist: Christina Aguilera Length: 4:04 Released: June 11, 2010 Album: Lovestrong

Julia Paul << -- Follow my musician page for more music :) Crowded Table - The Highwomen

June 14th #virtualopenmic SUNDAY FUNDAY!!
24 hours of delicious posting of YOUR MUSIC!! ⬇️☮️⬇️🎤
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Here’s one from the Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born. Maybe It’s Time - a good song for these times.

Changing it up this time ;) this is a little EDM original I've been working on, let me know what you think!

The Beatles/ Hard Days Night

An original about love and new beginnings. This is “Away from Yesterday”.

My good friend Ewan Dobson Fanpage wanted to share his newest tune with you. The hat is a peice of his history ( it was worn for his big hit "Times 2" which at the moment has over 29 million hits! ) he is often asked to wear it for performances :) Enjoy!

Here is a song I wrote with Andrew Vanhorn called Seabreeze hotel. The intro refers to a song Jesus Chist at Minimum Wage that I posted a few weeks ago. I tried posting this song a few hours ago but I didn't see it on the page so I am trying to repost. Sorry if there is duplication.

A little Logical Song by Supertramp to take you into your Sunday :)

One Of Us - Joan Osborne

The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll by Bob Dylan A song about a two tiered justice system

(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay - Cover

The Byrds/ Mr.Tambourine Man

Anyone for an ice cream in June? :) we did this song when the lock down began and I did not have a partner to sing it with

Here’s an improvised harmonica tune to enjoy here at the open mic. I cleaned out the back of the barn! Sounds good in there

My debut performance in Nashville, TN of an original song "Morning Run"

‘Quite Like You’ by Andy Shauf

Un'Avventura [cover]

Awesome picking Greg!

I think Spanish Romance, aka Romanza, sounds great on a steel string. Here's an abridged version I filmed outside on my patio.

There Ain’t no cure for love by Leonard Cohen and there Ain’t!!

Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

“Streets of Baltimore”, written by Tompall Glaser in 1966 and a big hit for Bobby Bare that year. I first heard it covered by Gram Parsons on his first solo album. A fun song to play - lotsa drama! 🤠

Beautiful music, and such a great community feel! Remember to listen to everyone and share! Treeline had a rehearsal today, as Swain said "the bare roots today" : ) So this is us doing Gregory Swain's original "Walk a Mile".

3 weeks ago

York Region Open Mic

June 10th #virtualopenmic, yeah it's Wednesday and we need your MUSIC!! 🎤⬇️⬇️ 24 hours of posting bliss!! ... See MoreSee Less


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This is my entry video for the OMFA 2020 competition. This year they made it virtual and opened it to younger age groups. We needed to submit 2 contrasting songs so here are my 2 songs

Rolling Stones, As Tears Go By, with help from my friend Khaled, who is a phenomenal keyboard player.

This is my little rendition (I used inspiration from both Carole King and James Taylor) of 'You've Got A Friend'

An original Jazz song written for my sisters wedding many moons ago. It's called 👉👉Heaven -

Barry Keane, drummer for Gordon Lightfoot who currently lives right here in Unionville, says this “Is one of the greatest songs ever written.” I agree. This is a cover of “If You Could Read My Mind”.

ELP/Lucky Man


Here’s another one dedicated to my wife. Everly Brothers - Let It Be Me.

Non mi dire mai good bye [cover]

Here’s a spur-of-the-moment video of Keith Whitley’s “When You Say Nothing at All”, which became Alison Krauss’s first big hit.

Here’s Margaritaville! Bring on the Pina Colada’s from Kokomo! Let’s party!

Original Song - Stand Together - Black Lives Matter I can't ignore what's happening in the USA and all around the world. -------------------- Stand Together is part of my effort to be an ally. I saw a poster than showed 4 men with signs that said Sikhs4BLM and Asians4BLM and I thought 'How nice that everyone can come together for a good cause.. I definitely should join them." Then I thought to myself, "What can a descendant of the Irish possibly have to say about racism ?" The Irish suffered a lot but not slavery. What is the Irish experience with regard to systematic oppression ? To say the least, it's not great. While it's true that the Irish were once part of the underclass this situation changed with time. The Irish became overseers on plantations, became key members in racist terrorist groups. A shameful heritage for a people who should have known better. As a descendant of the Irish I feel a double duty to do what I can. I can't tell people of other heritages what they should do, but I can at least address my own peers. "My gift is my song. This one's for you " - BLM TMC

This is a cover of "Always" by Bon Jovi

YROM VOM community is a truly wonderful group! What would we do without this music? And now a little boy band tribute 😎 "Incomplete" by the Backstreet Boys

This is one of Gregory Swain's few covers and if you have never heard of this artist you should go check her out. But first check out this cover of Alejandra Ribera's "I Want"!