Open Mics and the Musical Community it Birthed 🙂

This Week

TuesdayLondon Pub
Open Mic
Starts September 10
9724 Yonge St,
Richmond Hill
8:30pm - 12:30am
FridayCosmo Music
Acoustic Stage
Limited Spots!
10 Via Renzo Dr,
Richmond Hill
2 nights a month!
(check posts for info)
London Pub
Live Music Showcase
9724 Yonge St,
Richmond Hill
SundayCosmo Music
Acoustic Stage
Limited Spots!
10 Via Renzo Dr,
Richmond Hill



Next Level Open Mic Life in York Region!!

Perform every day!! BE THE LIVE MUSIC!!

(Always check the venue to make sure the event is still running, sometimes things change without notice)


When you SUPPORT LIVE LOCAL MUSIC and the venues that give us the opportunity,

YOU help keep the jukebox unplugged for at least 1 more night!

Stay tuned for more music and funky stuff!

Support Live Music, Support Local Artists,

Support our growing community, Be part of it all!!

NOW SING FOR US at our weekly open mics!

These are full service open mics 🙂 Complete with small drum kit, keyboard, guitar and bass for your use if needed! No excuse not to join us!

Solo, duo, jam… any configuration, Build your own band!

ANY genre! (It’s your set, your stage, your music!)

We offer a full PA that can accommodate solo acoustic to a chamber choir to any band.

Sign up whenever you arrive. First come first play!

No open mic gives you more stage time!

Newbies wanted and encouraged!

Kitchens stay open late! Great food, friendly crowd, casual environment!

Join us for an opportunity to share your music at upcoming gigs and festivals!

For all the up to date info and happenings please join our Facebook page!

Click here for the York Region Open Mic Facebook Page

See you soon and often!


Steffi G.