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Open Mics and the Musical Community it Birthed 🙂

York Region Open Mic has never been just an Open Mic.

For the past decade we have not only brought residents of Richmond Hill to the music, we have brought music to Richmond Hill with Local Vocals showcase concerts, charity fundraisers, politician’s picnics, the three day Summer Carnival at Times Square, the Jazz Fest in Newmarket, and our weekly Friday Night Live series at Turtle Jack’s on Vogell Road.

And over those years we also hosted regular weekly Open Mics at Big Daddy’s, Yogi’s, The Grill, La Sicilian, the Falcon and Firkin, London Pub, and our twice-weekly open mic stage in Starbucks at the one and only Cosmo Music Store. This summer was supposed to be our third year with a YROM stage at Cosmofest featuring local performers drawn from our Open Mic community. There will be a deep empty hole in our cultural landscape without Cosmofest this summer.

York Region Open Mic has always welcomed anyone and everyone, all ages and any genre, from 6 years old to 6 piece bands. We supplied a full backline at our flagship venues and separate sign up sheet for drummers. No other Open Mic gave you more stage time. So many folks made their debut performance on one of our stages during the past decade, some going on to make music their career. Many others found their musical soulmates and built a band, myself included.

Treeline will be back into the studio for our second CD as soon as we are able.

So, until the entertainment universe reopens, what do we do? How do we grow? How do we connect with each other in a socially distant world? How do we support live music if we can’t be the live music? How do we play live without an intimate audience to energize our performance?

Have you got any ideas? 

Please submit a comment on the “Contact Us” page so we can start a community discussion (where feedback is a good thing!) and carry on the conversation when the world wakes up again.

In the meantime, join our biweekly Virtual Open Mic – The YROM VOM – on Facebook every Sunday and Wednesday from midnight to midnight. Our platform is open to the world – you can join us from anywhere on the planet! We have never had more time to practice, and learning how to make better videos of yourself playing will be a valuable skill to develop. Your song will be posted here on this website under the Virtual Open Mic tab. Share it with your friends and family. Watch your peers and maybe make new friends.

York Region Open Mic has always been about providing a friendly platform for people who might not have had the chance to share their music before, and offer our audience the opportunity to experience new talent they might never otherwise see.

The mission statement of York Region Open Mic, our vision and purpose, is to organize as many community opportunities as possible for as many artists as possible to share their talent with as much of the community as possible. Those opportunities are changing as we speak!


Steffi G.

Virtual Open Mic Every

Wednesday & Sunday

from midnight- for 24 hours!

Post on our Facebook page,

then send your friends over to our

“Virtual Open Mic”

section here to see what our

growing community is doing!



Join us online every

Wednesday & Sunday!!


When you SUPPORT LIVE LOCAL MUSIC and the venues that give us the opportunity,

YOU help keep the jukebox unplugged for at least 1 more night!

Stay tuned for more music and funky stuff!

Support Live Music, Support Local Artists,

Support our growing community, Be part of it all!!

NOW SING FOR US at our weekly open mics!

These are full service open mics 🙂 Complete with small drum kit, keyboard, guitar and bass for your use if needed! No excuse not to join us!

Solo, duo, jam… any configuration, Build your own band!

ANY genre! (It’s your set, your stage, your music!)

We offer a full PA that can accommodate solo acoustic to a chamber choir to any band.

Sign up whenever you arrive. First come first play!

No open mic gives you more stage time!

Newbies wanted and encouraged!

Kitchens stay open late! Great food, friendly crowd, casual environment!

Join us for an opportunity to share your music at upcoming gigs and festivals!

For all the up to date info and happenings please join our Facebook page!

Click here for the York Region Open Mic Facebook Page

See you soon and often!


Steffi G.

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